Thursday, March 11, 2010

Singing Like a Canary?

Report: Captured Taliban No. 2 'Singing Like a Male Canary'

So exactly what does this report and banner headline represent?

If there a difference between male and female singing canaries? Or is the analogy a bit more complex or convoluted and involved than simple semantics?

I am curious.........

The former operations chief and second in command of the Afghan Taliban has been "singing like a male canary" since his arrest last month in Karachi, Pakistan, counterintelligence officials said Wednesday.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who was captured by Pakistani authorities in a raid, has become "a vital asset in gathering information on the Taliban and other extremist groups operating in the region," an unnamed Pakistani official told The Washington Examiner.

So what is the motivation behind the actions of this supposed singing Al Qaeda canary? It would appear on the surface (at least to me) that there is a recurring subliminal message being represented in these reports. And that subliminal message seems to be the brazen braggadocio of those involved and their preference to treat these thugs like common somehow working.

Suddenly it would seem, our formerly incompetent and impotent national security agencies, incapable of producing any worthwhile intelligence information for the last eight years outside of the use of torture, have somehow stumbled upon and discovered the keys to unlocking these fanatical Muslim canaries. And it was as simple as just asking them in a nice way.

Some will remember, it was only a little over a year ago that we as a nation were still being told how wrong we were for ever having allowed enhanced interrogation techniques against captured terrorist and enemy combatants. We were told that what we were doing was torture and it would immediately cease under the new management at the white house. So what happened? What changed? Was it as simple as saying that we were closing Gitmo and that we planned to Mirandize all captured terrorist and afford them the right of protection as enumerated by 'our' constitution?

It really would make a lovely story for Hollywood to capture if it were true, but sadly, as most of their tripe reflects, theirs is a fairy tale world. And I am afraid, the same is true of these revelations of sudden cooperation by both those that we have in custody and those that we have recently acquired.

To borrow the tag line from that old Wendy's commercial ....."wheres the beef?" More specifically.....where is the substance of evidence that:

a. these detainees are talking
b. that the information being provided is valid
c. that we are acting on that information and obtaining results.

I am sorry, but I don't see it. What I do see is this.

The intelligence gleaned from Baradar is aiding both U.S. and Pakistani efforts to seek out the terror group's leadership in the region, the officials said.

"He obviously does not want to be released under any circumstances. He would not survive after the information he has given the government," one Pakistani official told the paper.

The Afghan Taliban's leadership has dispersed to cities across Pakistan to avoid arrest after the recent detention of senior militants, officials and militants told The Wall Street Journal. Western officials say the growing pressure on militant leaders, if maintained, represents one of the best hopes for undermining the twin insurgencies threatening Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I see wishful thinking and suggestive assumptions, but I don't see any products or substance of the Obama administration's tactics of appeasement and apology.

Another question that comes to my mind is this..... Just who is interrogating these new acquisitions that we are capturing in Pakistan? Would the reason that these captives are now talking so willingly? Be that they are being interrogated by the Pakistanis and the Pakistanis could care less about our opinions of their methods? I believe that a peek behind that veil could very well cause consternation and embarrassment to this administration.

Of course, no one in the present state controlled media of America is interested in taking that peek into the substance of these reports. So that leaves us peons to watch and wonder.And I do wonder.

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XtnYoda said...

Hummmmmmmmm.... I've been wondering about all these glowing reports of killings and captures...

By golly... I think you've nailed it!