Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Minutes of a Raving Loon

I wonder? Did Dennis Kucinich yield to "the gentleman from Rhode Island," because he knew that Patrick Kennedy was about to become a raving lunatic?

We can only assume.

Either way, the man (Kennedy) goes a long way in establishing that schizophrenic absurdity that his father was famous for.

Patrick Kennedy was born in July of 1967; therefore, he was but a tike when Vietnam was at issue. Which means, that aside from rhetoric and political gerrymandering of the facts and reality, this little snot nose elitist from Massachusetts has absolutely no recollection of Vietnam, either in context or out, to be speaking as reference to his diatribe.

This diseased alcoholic (in a line of alcoholics) can't leave the tainted halls of congress quick enough if you ask me. He is the last of a legacy of priviledged boozers from the boot legging legacy of the patriarch Joe and should be shown the door poste haste if you ask me.

The man's rant on the floor of the house is an embarrassment to the institution. If that were still possible.

1 comment:

Texan in Wisconsin said...

15 seconds into the rant, the wife said "He's drunk!".

I've watched it several times, and by golly, I think she's right. Must run in the family.