Friday, March 19, 2010

What Part of NO! Do You Not Understand!

The president's approval rating hit it's lowest point ever today. As low and as bad as George Bush's was by the end of eight years in office. Obama has accomplished that same level of disapproval as Bush and he has done so in a little over one year in office.

And it's no mystery how he has done it. From the time that he first set foot in the White House, the man has completely turned his back on the nation and it's welfare as a whole. He has spent the majority of his time apologizing for America, while pushing for legislative changes that the large majority of Americans do no want.

This health care bill is an abomination....So......"what part of No! Do you not understand mr. president! What part of No! do you not understand madam speaker. What part of No! do you not understand mr. majority leader!!

And the word on the street? Is that as soon as Obama gets this pig of a health care bill passed, he will set his sights on his next socialist dream piece, which is immigration. Never mind that for the past two years the American economy has suffered more and lost more than it has since the great depression. Never mind that unemployment stands at 10% and greater in many places nationally and that is truly a conservative estimate.

This man is hell bent to shove socialism just as far up the American backside as he possibly can. And if it costs the democrats come November or again in 2012? They don't really seem to care. No matter what the polls say, no matter what those who have amassed in the tea party movement say, no matter what every gradient of example in the spectrum says, this man is hell bent to wreck this country completely in his first term. He has as much as admitted that himself, saying that he is not looking past his first term.

We are literally down to the short hairs this weekend America. This bastardized socialist bill will rise or fall based upon what we as Americans allow the congress to do with it by the time it comes to the Sunday vote that Nancy Pelosi seems to have set for the final show down. If America wins this vote and stops this travesty in progress, we have only just barely saved ourselves. If we fail to stop it and they pass it by a combination of deeming it passed and reconciliation, there will be a literal avalanche of bills to follow between now and November. And that avalanche of bills will have one purpose and one purpose only. The aim will be to put lipstick on this pig and to dress it up to become the harlot of socialism that it truly is. They will subsequently put back in everything that they were forced to camouflage out when they were hiding their true intent.

All I can say is that I sincerely hope that the large majority of people in this country who will be affected by this treachery, will remember these traitors and all those responsible come November. And who are the majority of people who will be affected by this bill and those to follow?

The middle class.

That's right....those very same people that were told by the great messiah that he would never do anything to raise their taxes? Well they had better be ready to bend over and grab their ankles, because the raping by taxation is about to begin.

The inflation and $7 a gallon gasoline and all the rest will be headed our way on a greased rail if this bill on health care passes. And all the while, our great leader will continue to engage in his global apologies and appeasements. And in the end? After America is collapsed and reduced to third world status, he will exit and be lost to obscurity while those left behind are left to try and salvage what they can from the wreck of America.

Some day soon, we may all look back on this day as the moment that America was staggered and fallen from within.

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