Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day Liberty Died in America

Having witnessed the passage of the president's socialist health care bill last night in the house, I am literally awe struck with what I have witnessed in my own country. And I am forced to come to grips with the reality that I no longer recognize my country.

A quantum shift in reality has occurred and regardless of what the people have to say, the shower in power right now has completely ignored both the people and the the process of laws that were given to us by the founding fathers.

There were headlines rightly exploiting the reality last night as the house prepared to vote on the bastardized and cobbled together socialist take over of America. Those headlines ran the gamut from "Drop Dead America", to "The Myth of the Pro Life Democrat Revealed."

And as I perused the web and watched the cable channels yesterday and into the night, I came to the realization that what was being observed and reported by the minority, was in fact the reality. The US congress, led by progressive Marxist has literally accomplished a political "coup de etat" before our eyes.

With the laughable Bart Stupak negotiated agreement provided by the president to placate the supposed pro life democrats, all real obstacles to the take over of Americas health care system was removed. And the fact that Bart Stupak actually stood before the cameras and smiled while praising the president's proposed executive order to placate the democrat holdouts, was little more than a sick little piece of political drama.

I wonder.....will Bart Stupak become the Neville Chamberlain of this generation? I certainly believe so. The man sold his soul to the devil then went on national television and told us all what a great deal that it was for him and us.

Meanwhile, other reports reflected the reality of what was happening. While tens of thousands lined the mall and the approaches to the capitol and vociferously voiced their opposition to this travesty in progress, Madam speaker engaged in nothing less than stage political drama and the rubbing of America's nose in the fetid excrement that she and her cohorts in congress were paddling gleefully past the people.

What purpose was there to the staged walking of the gavel used to pass Medicare to the Capitol. All the while being cradled by Pelosi and touched by John Lewis and others, as if they were presenting the Holy Grail to the people....

Of all that occurred yesterday, this single act of arrogance and disrespect to the people of America angered me most of all. Nancy Pelosi was presiding over the largest act of cretin political drama ever to occur in my lifetime and she was reveling in it for all to see, while literally taunting those assembled to protest or act to intervene.

Yes.....the headline that blared "Drop Dead America" was right on target if you ask me. How better to sum up what we all have just witnessed. Never before in the history of this nation have so many people turned out in opposition to a piece of legislation, only to be smirked at by the arrogant elite and ultimately ignored by those we supposedly elected to do the people's bidding.

This morning those in the republican party willing to be interviewed are promising a revolution come November and they are promising a repeal of the travesty that we are all now the victim of. But somehow, I don't see that happening. A lot will come to pass between now and November and now and 2012. And I am afraid that we as a nation will have much larger fish to fry at both junctures in time.

If anyone happened to notice last night, Lady Liberty faltered as her legs were cut from underneath her by her very own.

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XtnYoda said...

If there is not a great response between now and November... and I emphasis "great"... then we as a nation will find ourselves not worthy of the title "free-men"... and mourn the loss of life and limb that was paid... for this?

As the wrath filled bull slashed the ground his... head roiling with nostrils flared... may all that are true... stand their ground.