Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Romney Wins!

 Mitt Romney barely won the Iowa caucus by eight votes last night and the media went wild. The coverage was wall to wall all night and a casual onlooker not from this country, might have thought that it was the general election based upon the intensity of the media coverage and the frenzy to declare a winner.

As predicted, the media scrambled all day for headlines and exit polls and the hope that one media outlet would be able to call it the winner by themselves, particularly if they could call an upset. So the media and those interested stayed up late into the night burning the midnight oil,  to see who would prevail in what should be at this point, an indicator that this small sampling of America, is not really a fair indicator of American political perspective at all. But none the less they all came and they all cooed and they awed all day and all night and the entire week before and last night they finally got their climax.

At least those in the state of Iowa saw a temporary boost to their economy. but now let's brace for the next prize. On to New Hampshire and then to South Carolina and everyone don't miss John McCain's official endorsement of Mitt Romney later today.

If this were an episode of the Andy Griffith show, this McCain endorsement be the point in the episode where Gomer would shout "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"

Romney wins Iowa! (barely)

The Republican presidential candidates propelled out of the Iowa caucuses Wednesday with the race looking dramatically different than it did just one week ago.
Mitt Romney won the night, but only by one of the slimmest margins in Iowa election history. 
Rick Santorum landed a second-place finish just eight votes behind Romney, turning a stunning performance out of his long-shot bid for the nomination and ending up toe-to-toe with the presumed frontrunner of the national campaign.

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