Monday, January 02, 2012

Newt doesn't think he will win

According to Newt, the volume of negativity will prevent him from winning in Iowa. Really? Ya think? Full stop! Do you think that the negativity that he is speaking of has anything to do with his own negativity?

Newt has been his own worst enemy in this election, I will not be surprised at all for him to completely drop off the radar after his most recent idiot comments.


XtnYoda said...

And his "concession" rant was ... repugnant. If we ever wanted a clear look into the man's character we need look no further than last night.

Prime said...

I am of the opinion at this point, that the coming election is pointless. We have no true conservatives in the race and at this point it is solidifying as a done deal that Romney is going to be the nominee.

And the sad part is, he is just what Gingrich says he is, he is a Massachusetts moderate/liberal and I refuse to vote for him.

If he is the nominee, I will simply cast a write in for myself before i will vote for him.

XtnYoda said...

Hummm ....

[ ] Mitt
[ ] Newt
[ ] Rino
[x] The Borg

Prime said...

Thank you for your support! ;-)