Tuesday, July 09, 2013

America's Rising Gestapo

If you told the average American that something had occurred in America, they would dispute the incident as fabricated. But this wasn't fabricated. To think, that any police agency could engage in conduct like this and not have their authority utterly stripped from them is hard to fathom.

Whether it is a violation of the 3rd amendment or not, it is certainly an indisputable violation of their 4th amendment rights and they are entitled to damages and that includes punitive damages in my opinion. As Obama pushes on with his executive orders and dissolution of civil rights, we are going to see more and more incidents like this. More and more citizens who have done nothing wrong, being treated like criminals and abused by our legal system to further the goals of egalitarian secular humanism

Don't say it can't happen.....It is happening every day and the incidents of abuse of American citizens is getting worse.


Family allegedly forced from home by police files rare Third Amendment suit

A Nevada family is using a rare legal argument in a lawsuit claiming police tried to commandeer their homes for a surveillance operation and then arrested the homeowners for resisting -- invoking the Third Amendment, which bars soldiers from being "quartered" in a residence without permission.
The Mitchell family, in a lawsuit filed July 1, detailed the incident from July 10, 2011. According to the complaint, it all began when the Henderson city police called Anthony Mitchell that morning to say they needed his house to gain “tactical advantage” in a domestic violence investigation in the neighborhood.
The situation turned ugly when Mitchell refused repeated requests to leave and police smashed through the door, the 18-page complaint states.

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