Monday, July 01, 2013

"Oh say does that star-spangled flag of pride yet wave,"

No Lady Gag. Your star spangled banner of pride does not wave for me. Nor does it wave for millions of other Americans who know what the anthem and the flag truly represent. Hundreds of thousands of men and women have died for our nation's flag and the anthem that you smilingly disparage. Our anthem is something sacred to many millions of Americans. The National Anthem of this nation actually represent something sacred to millions of Americans and is not to be used as a backdrop for anyone's social or sexual agenda.

After delivering her moving speech during which she thanked the Supreme Court and all LGBT allies, Gaga -- who said the queer community has "saved" her and protected her through the years -- raised a Pride flag and began belting out the National Anthem, improvising slightly as she sang. "Oh say does that star-spangled flag of pride yet wave," she crooned to the roaring delight of those gathered.      Link

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