Sunday, July 14, 2013

Inherent bias the new meme

I awoke this morning to the ongoing drama of the aftermath of the George Zimmerman acquittal. I have to admit, I was truly surprised by the verdict of not guilty.  Not because I believed George Zimmerman to be guilty of a crime, but because I did not believe that the jury could muster the character and fortitude to follow the law and deliver a just verdict . 

I continue to believe that the jury of public opinion in the black community and in other enclaves of apologist egalitarian liberalism will never be satisfied with the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman.  Justice is only justice when it fits the popularized and internalized meme of race in America.  Regardless of what a black kid may have unarguably done, there are qualifiers that must be placed as blanket cover over the actions to explain and dismiss that which everyone else is held accountable for.

On one of the morning news programs this morning, there were the expected academic experts on race and behavioral studies. It was their job to paint an entirely new landscape of understanding on last night's verdict in Sanford Florida. A verdict that obviously disappointed so many of those anticipating racial justice for Trayvon Martin, that alternative explanations must be found for the lunacy of a jury who failed to miscarry justice. .

When the results of an FBI investigation into the death of Trayvon Martin failed to reveal any latent or inherent presence of racism in the life or personality profile of George Zimmerman, the ability to assign racism to George Zimmerman appeared to be flawed and in jeopardy, but as I soon observed, by the commentary this morning, there were and are professionally certified alternative racial explanations for the conduct of George Zimmerman that fateful night.

As I watched, I was immediately immersed in the revelations by one black doctor of psychology et al, who readily asserted that if George Zimmerman were not openly a racist, he was at least inherently biased in his perceptions of Trayvon Martin.  Just as the large majority of Americans are reportedly inherently biased in their perceptions.  If George Zimmerman wasn't a racist according to this expert, then he was most certainly inherently biased and therefore, the sum of all fears remains that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin because he was black.

Disregard all other facts and circumstances of the case. George Zimmerman's inherent bias is what drove him to stalk and murder an innocent black "child" on that fateful February night in 2012.  But is that really what happened and more importantly, is that really why it happened?  I say those who are being hustled by the  now revised racial meme had better pay attention to what;s is being shoveled in the media this morning by so called experts. Is George Zimmerman the only person, either before during or after this encounter, to suffer from this newly created malady of inherent bias?  I think not.

The bottom line is this.  For anyone to buy into and accept these apologist versions of media created racism, you have to ignore and dismiss every other factor present in what happened between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman the night Trayvon Martin died.  You have too be denied access to Trayvon Martin's background and history and you must be denied access to the representations that this supposed child made of himself to others publicly before the night of his death.

You have to ignore the reasons for him being with his father in that gated community to begin with.  You have to ignore the fact that he was there due to trouble he had gotten into with the law while living with his mother in Miami.  You have to ignore the racially twinged tweets and postings that he made on social media such as facebook and twitter. You have  to ignore the posed photos of Trayvon engaged in smoking marijuana and posing with handguns while displaying gang signs.  You have to ignore the toxicology report reflecting that on the night of his death, the presence of marijuana was in his bloodstream.  You have to ignore the state's star witness who related in testimony that Trayvon told her over the phone that he was being followed by a creepy ass cracker. You have to ignore the forensic evidence that demonstrated the shooting death of Trayvon Martin occurred just as George Zimmerman reported it had. You have to ignore the eyewitness testimony of the neighbor who testified that he saw the fight and he saw Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman and Trayvon was pummeling George Zimmerman akin to a mixed martial arts style beat down.  Last but not least, you have to ignore the fact that if George Zimmerman has any inherent bias, then so did Trayvon Martin and the same inherent bias that supposedly guided George Zimmerman's response to Trayvon Martin, must have also steered and guided Trayvon Martin's encounter and approach to George Zimmerman on the night of his death. 

Call it a murder?  Absolutely not.  Call it a tragedy?  Maybe so.  But what is the tragedy.  Is the tragedy that a black child was allegedly stalked by and over zealous white "hispanic"  adult, or is the tragedy the circumstances of modern American culture that fails to question the actions and representations of minority American youth.  Actions and cultural representations that had they been set aside that night, would have never given rise for alarm on either Zimmerman's or Martin's part.

I am sorry, but I don't buy into or believe the race based hustle that is continuing this morning in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman acquittal. Regardless of what you may or may not believe about the case, what is important is that the jury saw each and every element of the facts as I touched on them above and they saw more.  In the end, they chose to follow the law and they chose not ignore the facts. They chose to not be influenced by anything other than the evidence.  In the end, the jury chose to follow the truth and they chose to ignore those in media and elsewhere, who attempted to influence their verdict by the interjection of egalitarian race baiting and Trojan Horse misrepresentations of the facts of the case.

This case never was about whether a crime had been committed, this case was about appeasement and the desire to force a desired racial perspective and a desired outcome on a man who was innocent of committing a crime. Like it or not, all George Zimmerman did that night was rightfully inquire into a dark figure lurking through his neighborhood in the rain.  Actions that a normally acting person would not have been engaged in, George Zimmerman believed were worth investigation and he took note of them and began following the individual and calling the police. .  Whether the actions of Trayvon Martin were rightfully allowed or not does not dispel the reasoned inquiry of those observing Trayvon Martin's actions on that night. George Zimmerman was not guilty of a crime for either  investigating those actions or defending himself against Martin;s now proven attack. An injustice was perpetrated in Sanford Florida last year for sure, first upon George Zimmerman and ultimately upon the American people who were called to witness an unjust trial proceeding. .  Thankfully, those attempts of those whoa attempted to forced perspectives and alter the truth failed.  Thankfully our system works. Thankfully an innocent man walks free this morning.

In the newly found racial analysis of the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, Americans will find a new accusatory assertion to assail their sensibilities while attempting to assuage their common sense and reason concerning race in america.  Americans will now be told that inherent bias is rampant and that it is just as deadly as racism on stereotyping.  Americans will be told that everyone has these prejudicial views and that none are entitled to them except those who are above racism. Americans will be told to ignore that Trayvon Martin was a seventeen year old young man who chose to confront and attack George Zimmerman. Americans will be continue to be told to ignore the fact that Trayvon Martin was young man enamored by the gangster lifestyle and culture of his peers. Americans will be told to ignore the reality that this eventeen year old "child" has his own inherent bias.

America will be told that the murderous actions of George Zimmerman led to the murder of the child Trayvon Martin and that justice has not been served.  America will once again be told that none of these same tendencies or accusations apply to black people, because it is impossible for a black person to be racially motivated on any judgmental factor. America will be told these things and the great divide that exists as racial separation in America will continue to be stoked and primed because that is what the industry if race in America does.  But none of what will be done will change the facts or the truth of what happened and why on a rainy night in Sanford Florida seventeen months ago.

Stay tuned America, the drama is not over.  Stand aside and watch with amazement as the resources of the federal government are ginned up to prosecute George Zimmerman for civil rights violations.  As surely as night follows day that prosecution is coming. After all, Barack Obama looked upon Trayvon Martin as the son he never had.  Just as the justice department did in the aftermath of the Rodney King verdicts of acquittal, the story does not end here. . When it comes to racial politics in America, justice is what black America says it is, regardless of the law or juries. Therefore, the only thing blind about racial justice in America is the desired blindness to the concept and reality of double jeopardy for the sake of racial appeasement. 

The entire process of events sickens me but I see what has happened and what will happen for what  it truly represents.

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