Saturday, February 11, 2017

What Is The Definition Of Racism

Racist and racism seem to have risen to the top of the most frequented vitriolic accusations of those defending leftist egalitarian principles in America today. If you don't agree with their leftist positions completely, immediately and on every level? Well you are obviously a racist and a myriad of other qualifiers.

You can be a bigot too and most certainly a xenophobe and sexist and misogynist and anti LGBTQIA. But those all come later. You must understand first and always and most importantly, that you are a racist. So I decided to revisit the word and see specifically what the definition was, that overwhelmingly qualified myself and others to be branded as racists. I mean, aside from the fact that I am not black and by virtue of that reality? I most certainly must be a racist, based upon all I am being told by the media and the world of academia.

So I went directly to the oldest accepted source of word-ology and word-smithing and root definitions of American English words. And this is what I found. ~Merriam Websters~ Definition of racism 1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2 a : a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles b : a political or social system founded on racism 3 : racial prejudice or discrimination So there it is.

The definition. And as such, by definition? A definition is the guidepost of determination of applicability for any word in popular use today. I was immediately drawn to this "wording" in the definition by Webster's. "that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race." A belief that racial differences? produce inherent superiority of a particular race? Is that what that just said? I thought so.

Therefore, by definition? Anyone who represents any race solely to the superiority of any other race? Is by definition a racist. There is no other way it could possibly be. Right? Then there is this further definition. Racism is: "a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles." So in other words? When you create a doctrine or political movement? That solely represents one race? Based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles? You might be a racist.

Jeff Foxworthy made a career on the premise that "you might be a redneck if." So, if I or anyone else were to flip that premise? And declare that you might be a racist if? Even as humorous satire? It might be funny huh.... Well, unless I used the tag to describe the actions of some black people and their supporters. If I were to do that? With nothing other than satire involved or intended. Just plain simple truth? It still would not matter. Because it would still be me and me only who was being declared the racist. But back to the question of what and who exactly is a racist. So I look at the definition and I look around at all of the vitriolic usage of the word today, after which one conclusion remains clear to me. There is language and there are words? Words have become more of what people want them to be, and more than what those words truly are or were ever intended to be.

There are words that have been in usage and clearly defined for years. However, are we truly expected to believe those definitions and adhere to those word usages today? Particularly when those words have been weaponized? That's right. I said weaponized. You see, it's like this in the real world of contemporary American egalitarianism today. A pointy stick? Is just a pointy stick. Until you jab someone in the eye with it. There is no need of determination of intent once the act has been completed. The person who became the target of the pointy stick has suffered the injury. And in most instances it is easily determined that the intent of the person using the pointy stick was to injure or maim the intended victim.

Therefore, when injury is the intent? It makes no difference if the weapon of choice is a pointy stick, or a nuclear weapon. Or if the weapon of choice is words. So yes. We as a nation? Have allowed our language to become weaponized. Words that existed with clear definition, intent and understanding for centuries, have been co-opted and re-tooled and re-defined into the desired images of weapons. Weapons of class, weapons of sexuality and yes, weapons of race. And those words are used daily as weapons and at every level of our society. And the really unique reality to all of this? Is not that you just learned something from reading this. The unique reality is that you have never allowed yourself the ability to understand what has happened or why.

The truly unique reality is that you have known all along and you have allowed these weaponized words to shape and mold your own individual reality and your own interactions in society. You and many others in America have been in a race to outdistance and separate yourselves from race and being declared a racist at all costs. You have been taught to be ashamed of your own race. For it is you who are white. It is you who are dirty. It is you who are a racist. It is you who are a supremacist. It is you who are such a racist? That you don't even recognize being a racist. Your racism is ingrained in you and in the very fabric of your racial existence and the racial existence of every other white person in America. To the extent that you do not know that it exists. Or so the popularized meme goes.

All you have to do is look around. The evidence is there. Right before your eyes. Conveniently provided by those who know best, a racist when they see one. Which just happens to be a simple litmus test for them. Are you white? Then you must be a racist and you must be the benefactor and beneficiary of white privilege. See how simple that was? Oh yeah, Almost forgot. Forget about that Webster's word definition and all the other word definitions for racist and racism. Those words have been weaponized. Remember?

Just like all the other words. They no longer mean what they mean, they mean what those who use them want them to mean. And you have absolutely no say so in the matter and if you even attempt to defend yourself from the accusations of racism or any of the other weaponized words being use to DE-legitiize you? You must be a racist. So remember this. All you need to know about the word racist? Is that you need to flee from it and distance yourself from it and immediately bow and cow tow to all people of color. Better to do that than be declared a racist. Right?

Why? Because you are a racist and you have already been recognized and identified for precisely who and what you are by all others who are not white. You are the enemy. You are to be marginalized, DE-legitimized and culled from all levels of descent society. So simply slide away while you can. Stay low. Stay quiet.  Give the floor and the stage and the nation to those who know better. Because after all? That's what they have been taught and that is what they are being taught by the schools and universities and the media at all levels of our existence in America today.

And whatever you do? Don't examine the premise of black lives matter. Because the truth and the reality is greater in its individual representations by media, than it is or ever will be in the whole truth of its existence. Their truth says black lives matters? Their truth is that it truly is a movement and philosophy of premise. A movement that exists solely in the reality that black lives matter. Just keep in mind that their truths are not lies? Just yours.

Why? Because they have weaponized the words of race and racism. Therefore, any thought or rebuttal contrary to their reality that you might attempt to represent? Well that's just racist on its surface. Got that? I thought you would. So even though every representation of the BLM organization screams the truth. Which is that black lies matter more than what the truth or reality says. And their lives (lies) matter more so than any truth you will ever attempt to counter them with. Many years ago, someone coined the phrase: "its a black thing and you wouldn't understand it." And they were right.

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