Sunday, February 12, 2017

Grammys producer wants stars to be political during speeches

So...the Grammys intends to make it a complete political night.  Sorry I will miss it.  I haven't watched the show in over 30 years.  You might say?  The day the music died.  Back when they began their political treatises and forgot about real music and real fans.

And this is nothing more than same shit, different day times ten. Just as I said it would be when Donald Trump was elected.  What will be accomplished?  What is being accomplished?  Its that the democrat party is further factionalizing and radicalizing to the point that come 2020?  All the left will have will be the rabid radicals to rely on.  That and their memories of so called glory.  If we have not collapsed into complete civil war by then.  Because that is precisely where this country is and where the left is taking us.

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