Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Michael Flynn. The First To Fall. There Will Be More

Did you learn anything from the sudden forced resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn... Maybe you should have. Maybe you should have learned? That there were two points of observation. First, that his demise was the result of a political assassination. An assassination orchestrated by the US intelligence community. Specifically, the NSA.

But more importantly? You should be aware now of how this all happened and how it all came to be revealed. It's pretty simple really. General Flynn was wiretapped. They wire tapped his phone calls from the minute his name surfaced in the Trump administration. And when they came across the phone call he had with the Russian ambassador to the Untied States? A phone call they obviously monitored and taped? They began raking through the conversation. They began looking for anything they could cherry pick. Anything that they could mine and weaponize to drive Flynn from office and make President Trump look bad. And they succeeded.

Wire tapping? Is that what I said? Yes it is. But that's illegal isn't it? Well I am glad you asked. Because as a matter of fact? It isn't illegal. Not for the NSA and the intelligence community at least. They can and have been wire tapping the entire country for a number of years. Every since the post 9/11 era and the creation of Homeland Security and the sundry Homeland Security and intelligence and legislative acts that have been passed Since then. Each act authorizing them to do more to disregard the constitution and and yes, allowing them to wire tap every conversation in this country since then.

How could that be? There are literally millions and millions of phone conversations in this country everyday! Not to mention the tens of millions of emails and social media posts? How in hell could they do that? It would be impossible! Right? Ever heard of computers? And Terabyte drives? And the scanning, skimming and sourcing of digital information? Or the myriad of bots that are intricately woven into every aspect of your turned on, connected and digital world?

Well I hate to break it to you, but yes. You too have been hacked and spied on and wired tapped and surveilled. Even this blog post will be viewed and catalogued and filed away. Just in case I ever attain any influence, political or otherwise where it could be utilized against me.

So yes. As Paul Harvey would say...."the rest of the story?" Is that General Flynn was taken down by his own words. Conveniently collected, via a national network of surreptitious spying on everyone. Everyone except the chosen elites of course. Like the shadow government our most recent president is now secretly leading in the background.

Shadow government? Oh! yes.... Its there and it was put into place before he ever left office. And so were the expanded powers of the NSA. Powers that allow them to spy on everyone and share the information amongst all of their sister agencies. They can spy on anybody. Including the president of the United States. Any of this becoming clearer yet?

Remember the phone calls to the Australian PM and the President of Mexico that President Trump made his second week in office? Remember how those private conversations were immediately leaked to the media? How'd that happen? Who had access to private presidential phone calls? Makes you wonder don't it? Who had the transcripts and how did they get them? Is the reality beginning to congeal yet?

See how the mechanism works? The mechanism left in place by the Obama administration and the globalist and their embedded moles in every department of the federal government and the media?

Want to drain the swamp President Trump? Well the slime and the amphibians and the feces generating parasites that exist there comfortably might have something to say about that. And they already have.

I made the observation that Hillary Clinton and the democrats must have learned one thing from the Wikileaks exposure. And that one thing is to never utilize emails again. Utilizing flash paper and couriers is about all there is left as far as security in today's world for anyone hoping to maintain any level of secrecy or privacy. And the thought of keeping records is absurd, except for these intelligence agencies who now gather and keep records on everything and everyone.

The democrats and the leftist and the globalist, have taken their own recent political scandals and injuries and awakening? To formulate and implement their new game plan to create and manage their shadow government against Donald Trump and all the chumps who supported him an voted for him.

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar said: "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war". The dogs of war have been loosed. "Havoc" was a word used in the middle ages by French & English armies to give soldiers permission to loot & plunder. Make no mistake. Havoc has been cried and these dogs have been let loose on all of us. To loot and plunder our lives and our thoughts and our privacy.

But take heart. You and I are neither unique or special. This new war applies to one and all. And one in particular. And his name is Donald Trump. And if I were him? I'd hire the best counter surveillance experts in the world? And I would hold weekly staff and cabinet meetings at my own private kingdom. I'd fly them all down to Mar a Lago and I'd implement my own security? Security that would rival the Bilderbergs.

Because its only going to get more intense and more vicious as the days and weeks pass.

The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn

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