Thursday, February 09, 2017

Are We Ready For Another War In Europe?

So as the band plays on and the democrats continue to drag their feet and play politics over why President Trump won't condemn Vladimir Putin?  Looks like our NATO Allies are doing all they can to further exasperate the mess that Obama left behind.  They are basically baiting Putin and relying on America to back their play.

Back during Vietnam?  The leftist hippies use to say: " What if they had a war? And nobody came?"
I say: "What if the Europeans invite another war?  And America doesn't come running to bail them out this time?" 

If they piss Putin off enough? He will press the advantages that Obama gave him, politically and militarily. And he will take another slice of Europe.  Just like Hitler did.  Only this time?  I don't believe the American president will volunteer Americans to die over Europeans arrogance and stupidity.

Call it cozying up to Putin if you like, but Trump won't allow America to be drawn in. We have far greater worries and concerns with the Chinese on the other side of the planet.

Minister Sergey Shoigu said: "As part of a snap combat readiness check of the Aerospace Force, units of the Aerospace Force’s antiaircraft missile and radio-technical troops have arrived at the designated areas," TASS reported.
"Upon their arrival at the new positions, the crews of radar stations, S-300 and S-400 antiaircraft missile systems carried out maintenance work on their military hardware and went on combat alert.
"As the combat crews of radar stations and antiaircraft missile systems detect unidentified aerial targets, air defense patrol fighter jets will be scrambled to classify them or notionally destroy them."

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