Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Headline Says Germans Exhausted Wtih Merkel

What makes these leftist organs of media think or believe different.  Just like with our own elections of last November, the leftist media in Europe, refuses to hustle anything but the meme, that Angela Merkel will easily cruise to re-election.

They should be asking themselves one question and apparently they now are. "Why in hell would the German people re-elect this woman?" After she has all but destroyed Germany as her compatriot Obama has done in America. 

The German people and the world fought a war 78 years ago?  Over the German's hatred of the Jews.  The Jews who had descended on Germany after WWI and did all in their power to disassociate themselves from the war ravaged and devastated German people, while attempting to capitalize on their misery. 

Is it any wonder that the hatred became palpable and an individual like Hitler answered their call.  If you look around today?  What is the difference between then and now?  The German people have been inundated with a thankless hoard of "refugees" from Muslim countries over the last five years. As have the Swedish and the Danes and most of Europe.

There will be a war. Count on it.  Only this time it will be a guerilla war. Door to door. house to house. Block to block. Because the enemy is within the gates. In my observation of history?  The failures of the 1920s and 1930s, were that the Jews who came to Germany did not seek to become Germans or assimilate. This is what caused the hatred and the anti-Semitic fervor and the Holocaust.

Those who fail to learn from history?  Are condemned to repeat it.  Or so they say.  After a seventy five year re-wind?  I say history is about to repeat itself and Angela Merkel and the others can thank themselves for the evil they have imported and unleashed upon their people.

There will be a war. An end times war. For it has been foretold and we are upon the threshold.

Merkel Might Lose After All

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