Friday, April 09, 2010

Another Obama Gambit With America's Safety

The president bristled when George Stephanopolis asked him his feelings on Sarah Palin's comments on the presidents decision to reduce America's nuclear arsenal.

Obama's response......"The last I checked, Sarah Palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues. If the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of staff are comfortable with it.....I'm probably going to take my advice form them and not Sarah Palin."

My question is simple but in an entirely different vein mr.president. My question is this...."who are you taking your chess lessons from?" And a follow up...."do you really think that you are experienced enough and up to the task of squaring off on international nuclear arms chess with the Russians?"

And one last thing....."Do you honestly expect for any member of the Joint chiefs of staff to publicly criticize your policies or decisions? Or to go against them"

The Joint Chiefs are the ultimate rubber stamp for any administration as it concerns military interventions, policy statements concerning military actions or weapons treaties and the balance of power. And unless I missed something? The Secretary of Defense and most every other cabinet position appointee either toes your line or will be shown the rear door of the bus as they are chunked under the wheels with the rest who meet with your displeasure.

So please messer Obama, don't patronize me and a good many other Americans with your hollow representations of supposed solidarity of policy and decision making, while issuing your smirking disdain for the comments of Sarah Palin or anyone else.

Sarah Palin ain't exactly a rocket scientist? But she is miles ahead of you in the category of experience and a willingness to speak truth to power.

So when it comes to comparing her loyalties and creds to yours? I'll take Sarah.


XtnYoda said...

The one thing that intrigues me most about Sarah is how terrified the progressives are of her.

They are giving her more power, authority and presence every time they attempt this smear and fear campaign against her.

There's no way she could by all the air time... on the progressive's own stations!

Do you think women are ever going to wake up to the relentless ragging of Sarah because she is a woman?

XtnYoda said...

I meant "buy all the air time..."



Locutisprime said...

That's OK Chuck, I'll give you a 'bi' this time. ;-)