Saturday, April 17, 2010

Something in The Wind?

I believe that this nation may be on the cusp of a dramatic circumstance of creative terror scare. Either something created or something allowed to come to pass, in order that this administration can seize more power, control and influence over our lives.

You decide......

Anti-Government Extremists: On the Rise and On the March

But by conjuring up the specter of revolution or counterrevolution is Rhodes adding to the threat of real violence? Oath Keepers are "a particularly worrisome example of the 'patriot' revival," according to Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which monitors hate speech and extremist organizations.

NRA Once Again Embracing Anti-Government Rhetoric

Fifteen years ago former National Rifle Association (NRA) member Timothy McVeigh -- motivated by his fear and hatred of the federal government -- bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Today, the NRA and other members of the gun lobby are again embracing and validating anti-government rhetoric according to the new 21-page Violence Policy Center (VPC) study "Lessons Unlearned: The Gun Lobby and the Siren Song of Anti-Government Rhetoric"

Living in a Land of Rising Right-Wing Hate

Now that the citizens of the United States have elected the first African-American president in US history, however, there are racist, conservative activist groups popping up all over the place - and not just the Tea Party. One man has put his area on the map like no other.

Michael B. Vanderboegh of Pinson, Alabama, hit the national spotlight last week and is now under serious federal law enforcement scrutiny since calling for right-wing militia-style activists to toss bricks through the windows of Democrats on his SipseyStreetIrregulars blog, designed to appeal to the so-called Three Percenters, or three percent of American gun owners with the most radical view of the Second Amendment.

Vanderboegh may have been able to continue blogging in relative suburban obscurity, except that somebody decided to carry out his call to throw bricks in New York, Arizona and Kansas. One brick that crashed through the window of the Democratic Committee headquarters in Monroe County, New York, had a note attached with a quote from Barry Goldwater: "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice."

"I guess that guy's one of ours," Vanderboegh said in a telephone interview with a Montgomery newspaper. "Glad to know people read my blog."

Oath Keepers Withdraw From DC Rally Over Violent Threats

The Oath Keepers organization has announced its withdrawal from a pro-Constitution rally due to be held near Washington DC on April 19 following threats of violence made by participants in the march, highlighting once again the danger posed by provocateurs who seek to cause mayhem in order to discredit peaceful political groups.

A press release put out by Oath Keepers states that the board of directors of the organization decided to withdraw from the “Restore the Constitution” rally in Virginia, “Because of published statements by some participants in the upcoming Virginia rally.”

The Washington Post claims that the reason for the pull out was because the organizers of the event were planning to display guns and were circulating inflammatory rhetoric, but the Oath Keepers press release contradicts this, clearly pointing out that the organizers are not at fault and the problem was with the behavior of some of the participants.

“Oath Keepers as an organization feels that a confrontational stance, such as has been published, places this event, in public perception, outside the terms of our stated and published mission,” states the press release. “The mission of Oath Keepers is not to confront the government. Instead, our mission is to reach out to people within government – to police, military, firefighters and first responders – to teach them about their obligations under the oath they took to defend the Constitution, to increase their knowledge of the Constitution, and to inspire them to defend it by refusing to obey unconstitutional, unlawful orders.”

Oath Keepers is asking members who attend the rally to do so as individuals and not representatives of the Oath Keepers group, adding that Oath Keeper garments should not be displayed or worn at the event.

“Oath Keepers shall, as planned, participate in the Washington D.C. Second Amendment March on April 19 ( and shall offer the public an Oath Keepers ceremony in which citizens can themselves stand and reverently take an oath to defend the Constitution right along with current and prior service police, military, and fire personnel (who will be renewing their oaths), all together as patriotic Americans. Please see our banner announcement for this march in Washington D.C. on April 19, 2010, at,” concludes the press release.

Home-Grown Extremists as Threatening as Al Qaeda

Fifteen years after the Oklahoma City bombing, the specter of domestic terrorism has returned to haunt the Obama administration, with a warning from the FBI that “home-grown and lone-wolf extremists” now represent as serious a threat as Al Qaeda and its affiliates, The Times reported on Saturday.

The warning, from the FBI Director, Robert Mueller, came as the former President Clinton drew parallels between the Oklahoma City tragedy and a recent upsurge in anti-government rhetoric, while American television audiences heard Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, describe the “absolute rage” that drove him to plan an attack that killed 168 men, women and children.

An FBI spokesman said Friday that Mueller was referring to right-wing extremist groups and anti-government militias, as well as American Islamists, in his testimony to the Senate committee that must approve the FBI’s $8.3 billion budget.

Last month federal agents arrested nine members of a Christian militia based in Michigan, calling itself the Hutaree. They have been charged with plotting to murder local police with a stash of guns, knives and grenades.

Since the passage of President Obama’s health reforms, the FBI has also made arrests in Seattle and San Francisco after death threats were sent to Democratic senators.

“It’s one thing to express dissatisfaction with the Government but once you cross the line with a violent threat, that’s a violation that we take extremely seriously,” Bill Carter, the bureau’s spokesman, said.

These are just a few examples of the articles popping up in media and on the internet over the past few weeks. In the parlance of intelligence gathering, these articles and stories are what are called 'a lot of background chatter."

And the worrisome part, is that the chatter is increasing at all levels and it is becoming prevalent from a number of sources inside the Obama administration. From Janet Napolitanos warnings against domestic terrorists in the form of returning military personnel, to the seizing of opportunities (now) to attempt and demonize any and all opposition to this administration, as some form of radical right wing "patriot" movement.

Make no mistake, these are the techniques of attack, isolation and marginalization as put forth by the likes of Saul Alinsky and William Ayers and others to demonize and marginalize all opposition. They have used these techniques and tactics for decades now and they know how to work them along with media to their advantage.

They even have former president Bill Clinton solicited into the act now and making statements that parrot the same line of reasoning. And that reasoning is very simple once you examine it. The liberal progressive reasoning is simply one of opposition to all things that even remotely approach constitutionalism or the adherence to constitutional rights of speech when it conflicts with their version of the world.

Make no mistake, there are efforts afoot right now to attempt to marginalize, reduce and eliminate all opposing viewpoints to the present administration and their goals of dismantling this nation. And these forces have already gone on record stating that they will never pass up the opportunity to exploit a good crisis.

Now the only question that seems to be at issue is this.... Will those inside this administration seek to create a crisis or allow one to materialize, to further their progressive socialist goals. I say you can damn well count on it.

Right now they are seeding the landscape with articles and opinion pieces from seeming legitimate media and authoritative sources and they are seeking to demonize every aspect and level of opposition to their goals and policies of limiting freedoms in this country.

I have seen this before. I saw it prior to the siege at Waco in 1993 and before that during the Ruby Ridge siege. IMO, the Obama administration is currently looking for or in the process of creating an opportunity to justify further limitations of freedom and far more dramatic infringement of rights in America.

The resurrection of concerns over supposed militias and having former president Clinton reminisce of his worries and concerns if the "conversation is not controlled" is only the most recent example of the tactics at play by the media and this administration.

Something is afoot. The field is being prepared and the seeds are being planted. And if they cannot provoke some limited fringe element into providing them with their catalyst moment? Then rest assured that they will soon create one of their own.

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XtnYoda said...

They are going to cause concern in some... they are stoking the fires of independent liberty in hearts of multiplied millions of freedom lovers on the other hand.

God Bless Americans.