Monday, April 12, 2010

The Twelve Rules in Application

Tea Party Rallies Remain a Cauldron for Conspiracy Theories

Anyone who has never read Saul Alinsky's twelve rules for radicals, needs to avail themselves of his musings concerning how to overthrow America. Particularly since almost ever member of the present democratic elite, from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama have paid their dues and given their homage to the greatest radical of the twentieth century.

All one really needs to do in present day America, is look around in the media daily and it is easy to see and recognize the Alinsky game plan being followed and applied across the board.

As an example, the Alinsky marginalization techniques are being applied against the Tea Party movement and some examples of the attack are clearly present in this piece.

The Tea Party Express has toured state after state trying to kick up a debate about constitutional rights and cast doubt on the legality of the recently passed health care overhaul, all with an eye toward the 2010 elections.

But while organizers have held the tour as a way to stay front-and-center as a political force, the rallies have also attracted the kinds of mistruths, exaggerations and conspiracy theories that make Tea Party leaders cringe. Though the movement is still trying to shore up its credentials as a grassroots power that's here to stay, the so-called "fringe" and its accompanying antics continue to give critics fodder.

A casual perusing of pieces like these and the highlights immediately jump off the page and attract both the eye and the mind to the intended perception of the author.

"Obama, to me, is a socialist. He's a Muslim and all he wants to do is bankrupt us and run us into the ground," Ken Schwalbach of Escanaba, Mich., said at a rally on Friday.

Though Obama is a Christian -- and his Christian faith was a focal point of debate during the campaign-era controversy over his former pastor Jeremiah Wright -- the allegations that the president is a secret Muslim persist years later.

The charge of socialism has been a common theme at Tea Party gatherings -- but some activists have gone beyond merely portraying Obama as a European-style, big-government liberal.

Some suggest Obama wants to keep Americans unemployed so that they become dependent on government-run programs. Lenin and Stalin have become catchwords to describe Obama in the speeches denouncing his policies.

Going further, swastikas, as well as pictures of Obama's face next to Adolf Hitler's, have appeared on signs at dozens of rallies blasting the president and the Democrat-controlled Congress.

Other Tea Party members continue to question the president's citizenship -- a sign reading "Show Us Your Birth Certificate" popped up at a recent rally in Traverse City, Mich.

"What's more disturbing is that he's not answering them," Tea Party member and conservative blogger Andrea Shay King said of the questions over Obama's birthplace.

The Hawaiian government twice confirmed during the 2008 presidential election that a copy of Obama's birth certificate was authentic. tracked down the birth certificate and posted copies of it online.

Questionable characterizations of the massive health care legislation have also resurfaced at Tea Party gatherings.

And as evidenced again and again in these reports, no one ever answers the questions posed. No different that during the 2004 election when the questions were raised concerning the military service record of senator John Kerry. America has yet to be allowed to see those records and never will be. The democrats simply play by a different set of rules and the American media allows them to get away with it.

While Kerry dodged and obfuscated regularly during the campaign concerning his military record, President Bush's military records were continually raked through the muck by the mainstream media and liberal candidates all across America.

And here we are two years past the election cycle of 2008 and looking at the midterm elections in a few months and we still don't have answers to simple questions as it concerns our president.

Where he was born, when and how he registered for selective service, how he classified himself when he applied for college grants and how he was classified as a child by his mother, as it concerned both his citizenship and his religion while they lived in Malaysia.

All seemingly easily answered questions. Each of which could easily be put to rest. "Provided what we have been told is the truth." All it takes are honest answers and a few pieces of documentation, but alas none have been provided, aside from a questionable birth certificate that no one has been able to examine in any form other than a jpeg file on the internet.

Yes.....Alinsky's plan is in full swing and application daily and all anyone has to do is simply look around and watch what comes out of the grist mill of American propaganda media to see that.

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