Friday, April 02, 2010

Absolutely Ludicrous

Want to know how not to fight a war? Want to know why our soldiers, airmen and marines are daily placed in unwarranted jeopardy while those they were sent there to destroy are allowed to escape. Want to know why our casualty rates are doubling and soaring daily in Afghanistan?

This video is a chilling example of how ludicrous our present reality of war and combat has actually become. The present commander in Afghanistan (General McCrystal) is the man responsible for these ludicrous rules of engagement.

I literally don't know how the man can sleep at night. Knowing that he is purposely placing the lives of our dedicated and brave men and women in jeopardy each and every day, just so he can meet the unrealistic and deadly desires of political correctness.

Watch the video. Watch the entire video. Then consider what you are seeing and what is happening and what is actually at play while this deadly dance is played out. Does anyone seriously believe that these Taliban combatants would wait for ten minutes before attacking our forces? Or that they would request permission to engage their observed enemy on the battle field?

Ludicrous is too weak of a word to describe the idiocy afoot inside the present American military command structure if you ask me. Our people deserve better. Our people deserve more than policy strategist and bean counter commanders. Our people deserve more than a commander in chief who spends more time apologizing for America than defending her.


XtnYoda said...

We had similar in Vietnam... I could relate a few...

It's really demoralizing.

XtnYoda said...

We had a medivac one night. When our lead bird landed started taking fire from three sides... hit then by RPG... bird came apart on the ground... somehow everyone evacuated... still taking small arms fire.

Downed pilot calls up on his May West... Our lead gun ship radios Danang Desk... brief account... Cobra pilot then requests permission to return fire... Danang Desk... "That is a negative on the return fire... that is a friendly ville."

Cobra pilot... "I'm sorry Danang... you are breaking up... could you repeat that?"

Danang Desk... "Negative on the return fire... that is a friendly ville."

Cobra pilot... "I'm sorry Danang Desk... you are garbled and unreadable... we are closing transmission and going in."

We then went down and got them out.