Sunday, April 18, 2010

I guess we shall see

At the inauguration, the man swore an oath.

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

So how do you think he has done so far?

Gates Warns U.S. Lacks Strategy on Iran Nukes

Several sources are reporting that back in January, Defense Secretary Gates sent a rather bothersome memorandum to the White House, concerning our lack of contingencies concerning a nuclear Iran.

A memo from Defense Secretary Robert Gates to the White House warned that the United States lacks a nimble long-term plan for dealing with Iran's nuclear program, according to a published report.

Gates wrote the three-page memo in January and it set off efforts in the Pentagon, White House and intelligence agencies to come up with new options, including the use of the military, The New York Times said in its Sunday editions, quoting unnamed government officials.

White House officials Saturday night strongly disagreed with the comments that the memo caused a reconsideration of the administration's approach to Iran.

So.....according to reports, everyone from the president's personal intelligence adviser, to the Pentagon and other agencies claim that this is false. That we have had an ongoing series of planning efforts and that America is fully prepared for all contingencies that may arise as it concerns Iran's nuclear ambitions.

But somehow, I don't get any warm and fuzzy feelings of comfort as it concerns either the level of planning or protection that this administration supposedly has concerning a nuclear Iran. The bottom line, anyone who has kept current of the atmosphere surrounding the Iranians and America's lack of response to their nuclear ambitions, knows that we have more that justified reasons for concern.

"It is absolutely false that any memo touched off a reassessment of our options," National Security Council spokesman Benjamin Rhodes told The Associated Press. "This administration has been planning for all contingencies regarding Iran for many months."

One senior official described the memo as "a wake-up call," the paper reported. But the recipient of the document, Gen. James Jones, President Barack Obama's national security adviser, told the newspaper in an interview that the administration has a plan that "anticipates the full range of contingencies."

So there you have it, who to believe. Some officials report concerns, while other smirk and mock the reports as complete tosh.

So we have a plan that anticipates the full range of contingencies? I would certainly like to believe that, but with the observable history and actions of this president over the past fifteen months and his stated ambitions as it concerns weakening this nation and apologies to the world for our successes and history? I simply don't believe him.

As my grandmother might have said....."I wouldn't believe him on a stack of bibles." Not that he would ever submit to a sincere oath on one in the first place.


XtnYoda said...

Gee... maybe the "plan" was that if we or Jerusalem got nuked then we would bow toward the East and apologize for being so imperial and all...

Hey... it's a plan.

Locutisprime said...

If you want to know my opinion? I believe that the plan is to get both Israel and America nuked.

Sure as hell seems that way based on what I am seeing and hearing coming out of Washington over the past fifteen months.