Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Path to Surrender

 A more direct plan to citizenship? How about a more direct plan for the total surrender and subjugation of American law. How about a complete surrender of the rights of American citizens and the complete surrender of our nation to invaders who have absolutely no right to be here. The democrats and Obama are doing nothing but attempting to bolster their ranks with those who will now be brought in to vote for more of the same socialism from the already bare cupboard of America.

What most Americans don't realize is that liberals are also bolstering the forces that will ultimately be brought to bear against this nation and them when civil unrest and chaos arrive upon the collapse of our republic.

I now see the race war that many have predicted for generations, only this race war won't be blacks against whites and vice versa. This race war will be Hispanics against blacks and by last count, the Latins and Hispanics have the advantages of numbers.

Obama is setting the stage for a race war in America people and you had better wise up to that reality. It is all part of the master plan to reduce this nation to ashes. 

Obama Immigration Plan: More Direct Path to Citizenship Than Senate's

President Barack Obama is expected to lay out his principles for immigration reform in a speech in Las Vegas today that will include a potentially quicker path to citizenship than the bipartisan plan a group of senators unveiled earlier this week.
The president will offer some new details about the White House's immigration reform plan, which expands on a blueprint it released in 2011, a senior administration official told ABC News. But for now Obama will stop short of offering his own piece of legislation because of the progress made by the Senate "Gang of Eight."
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The White House has sounded positive notes about the Senate group's plan thus far, but the specifics that Obama announces are expected to have some key differences that might cause concern for some Republican senators who have signed onto the senate deal.
Like the senators' plan, Obama's proposal calls for a pathway to citizenship for many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. The senators' plan would grant "probationary legal status" immediately to eligible undocumented immigrants, but would not allow them to apply for permanent legal status, or a green card, until the border is deemed to be secure. Think of that as a trigger system.

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