Thursday, April 21, 2011

NY Times plan to gut the Pentagon

So, you saw this reported and heard all about it in mainstream media right?
Read on..........

Posted By Uncle Jimbo • [April 20, 2011] at "Black Five" Obama decided to inform the Defense Department that they needed to make $400 Billion in cuts by announcing this is in a speech without even mentioning it to his Defense Secretary. Therefore it is unsurprising that the NY Times would take this opportunity to anounce their cunning plan to screw the troops and crush our expeditionary fighting capability. I guess this requires at least a partial Fisking.
We in no way minimize the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform.
Yeah right. Wait for it......
But after years of lagging far behind, military pay is now more than $5,000 a year higher than comparable civilian employment, more than $10,000 a year higher when special allowances and benefits are counted. Freezing noncombat pay for three years would save $3 billion per year. The formula for future increases should be adjusted to incorporate allowances and benefits, saving an additional $5 billion a year.  Another $4 billion to $6 billion annually could be saved by reasonable increases in annual health insurance premiums for military retirees of working age. Those premiums — currently $460 per family — have been frozen for the past 15 years while health care costs soared.
All told, these changes would save about $20 billion annually or more than $200 billion over the next 12 years.
Just exactly what comparable civilian employment are they using for this? Are there civilian jobs that cause multiple overseas deployments to combat zones with the realistic proposition that you could be killed or maimed? Or to be away from your family more often than not, while they check the news each day hoping there were no IED blasts or other casualties? I kinda doubt it. So comparing the pay of a clerk in the civilian world to a clerk deployed w/ an Infantry unit to a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan is stupid and insulting. Now that the left is hell bent on giving every American free health care, they want to go ahead and add fees to the military community. Hey guys, you really need to head over to the nearest organic, free range, shade grown, union labor picked, coffee shop and order a Venti cup of STFU!
The Pentagon took too long to recognize that today’s wars make more intensive demands on the Army and Marines and less on the Navy and Air Force.
The Pentagon took too long to recognize this? Gimme a freakin' break. The Pentagon can shift mission faster than any organization on the face of the Earth, it just can't do so under the loving bureaucracy placed on them by Congress.
Ground forces have been increased, but that needs to be paid for by corresponding reductions at sea and in the air. That shift has already begun but needs to go further. Another $1 billion to $2 billion a year could be saved by reducing the number of aircraft carrier groups from 11 to 10 and associated air wings from 10 to 9.
There is a lot more there, so take the time to read the entire piece. Truly unbelievable, except for everything in this administration seems to take on the same hue of unbelievability.

While the parties wrestle with the coming budget deals and so called cuts, keep you eyes on where those in the NY Times and those in Obama's administration would like to see the lion's share of any cuts.

We have done this before haven't we? Most recently during the Carter years and again during Clinton's tenure. The liberals call it a 'peace dividend.'  I call it the liberal invitation for aggression. Have a look at what the Chinese have been up to and the Russians since Obama took office. Then try and convince yourself that all is well in the skewed world of Obama's intentions for this country and our military.

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