Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden vx. Ryan. Who Won?

Having watched the debate last night and having read and listened to many of the critiques and reviews this morning, my reaction is that nothing has really changed in the race by this debate. Reactionary polls hours after the debate don't really mean a lot or represent how the election will turn out next month in my opinion.

Most Americans already know who they are going to vote for and these debates won't change that. What may change are the 10% of ignorant voters (undecided)  who consistently wait for the media to tell them who won what and who to vote for.

What I saw last night was a typical democrat jackass, debating a young bull elephant. Biden was arrogant, condescending and seemingly entertaining himself inside his own head. I don't believe many Americans were swayed by his smirking or his attempts to talk down to Ryan. I also don't believe Ryan scored major points against Biden by trying to be respectful in the face of Biden's attack..

Ryan looked unsure and rattled at times, almost as if he was looking or waiting for permission to respond or go after Biden's statements. Ryan had his fact in order and he did succeed in putting a couple of laugh lines into the debate, particularly as it concerns Biden's tendency to misspeak; however, this debate wasn't about gotcha moments of dialogue.

On policy issues of the Obama administration and the president's record, there wasn't any new ground revealed in my observation. The points made and defended have been on the table and in the conversation for months. So this debate was more about trying to make people watching, like one and dislike the other in my opinion.

Those Americans who enjoy the interpretive style and the flippant arrogance of Biden will believe that he won. Those who don't appreciate that style of personality won't. Ryan was aggressive, but not personally attacking Biden the way Biden seemed to be attacking Ryan. To me it appeared more like the young lion battling the old dragon in his own lair and under the dragon's terms. It appeared that Ryan was waiting for some invisible judge to step in and tell him that it was alright to not be nice, since his opponent obviously wasn't being nice.

The bottom line. This was a political debate. Those involved should be spirited and aggressive in the defense of their positions and the attacks on their opponent's positions. There is no need for arrogance or condescension, but there is plenty of room for hard facts and pinning your opponent's ears back with the facts.

On observation, I believe Biden scored more points in trying to pin Ryan's ears back, but the way he did it with his smiling and smirking and his talking over and interrupting Ryan took all the effect out of his approach. Meanwhile, Ryan's attempts to come off as respectful and patiently waiting for someone to give him permission to take the gloves off, didn't really come across well in my opinion. 

In the end, I don't think either one of them won the debate. What I think America got is what should have been expected. We saw an ass being himself and we saw a junior statesman attempting to respectfully do battle with an opponent who had no intentions of reciprocating.

On one final point.... I believe Biden wins hands down on teeth and Ryan has unbeatable abs.

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