Sunday, October 21, 2012

Democrats don't like the constitution

The democrats have never liked the US Constitution, at least not unless they can twist its wording and protections to their exclusive benefit. And nothing of recent memory stung their dislike of the constitution more than the Bush victory of 2000.

George Bush won the election based upon the electoral college. The process specifically designed to prevent bullying and big city politics from becoming the deciding factor in American presidential elections. Is it any wonder then, why those who support Barack Obama are getting worried about their re-election plans for Obama?

Democrats don't like the electoral college plain and simple. It doesn't allow for their version of democracy which is pretty simple. Mob rule. Mob rule says 50% plus one decides everything, therefore, all you need to do is convince 50% plus one and you can do what you want, regardless of what the constitution says or regardless of what is right or wrong.

Wouldn't it have been interesting in the 1960's during the civil rights movement if that rule had of been applied? I believe there would have been significant differences in outcome had the liberal version of democracy been employed against blacks in America.

Here is an example of how liberal thinking works below.

Pay particular attention of the use of a child to portray the supposed unfairness of it all. Then watch as they propose stealing the votes on those in individual states, for the "greater good of the supposed majority.", we don't gotta love em and we don't have to put up with their crap.

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