Friday, October 26, 2012

Your first time being screwed should be special

Your first time being screwed shouldn't be with just anybody. It should be with someone special, someone who understands you. Someone who promises to be gentle. Someone who cares about you.

Really? This is what American politics have been reduced to? Barack Obama utilizing sexual innuendo to appeal to young impressionable female voters? This tactic may have worked for Vladamir Putin, but I pray to God it fails here in America.

For those undecided young and dumb voters who are thinking about voting for Barack Obama for the first time? I'd advise you to have a word with his previous conquests. Talk to those who have already been screwed by this guy. Let them tell you how this smooth talking hustler screwed them and walked away laughing.

My advice to young people preparing to vote in this election is this. If you really want vote for your first STD (stupid talking democrat) go ahead and vote for Barack Obama. You will be sorry that you did.

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