Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Republicans are racist

With some people it is always about race and it is never about substance. Perhaps that is due to the fact that they have absolutely no substance to bring to the table to support their blind allegiances. Perhaps they are right on one level. Perhaps it is all about race, Or at least it seems with them. Many of these meme following minions on the left will vote for the black guy regardless of record or facts. After all, he is the black guy and to not vote for him immediately denotes a subversive antithesis to all things black and a blatant racial hatred that transcends individual economic miseries .  Right?

Once again for those liberals who might actually have a small modicum of common? It's the economy stupid!  That fact is followed by the fact that many many Americans are tired of this president's apologist approach of foreign policy.

Fact check that Chris!

Post-debate, MSNBC’s Matthews claims Romney supporters fueled by racial hatred of Obama

Presidential Debate III was more like “Rocky” Round 16, an afterthought where neither boxer really lands a clean punch on the other and where the crowd has dozed off or gone to bed. Only in the land of MSNBC were sparks flying.
Famously tingly MSNBC host Chris Matthews decided the whole race came down to, well, race. In one of the more outlandish rants of an outlandish career, Matthews said the right hates Obama more than they want to destroy Al Qaeda, according to The Hill. The rant is too priceless to edit:
“I think they hate Obama. They want him out of the White House more than they want to destroy Al Qaeda. Their No. 1 enemy in the world right now, on the right, is their hatred, hatred for Obama. And we can go into that about the white working class in the South and looking at these numbers we're getting the last couple days about racial hatred in many cases … this isn't about being a better president, they want to get rid of this president,’ he said.”


XtnYoda said...

Hummm ... wasn't the president the same color 4 years ago, when America elected him, the same color that he is today?

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

Pretty good. Although I don't call myself Republican or Democrat, I have always observed that conservatives tend to race-bait just as much as Democrats...the only difference is that THEY are more in denial! I wrote about this myself earlier this year.