Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Polls, and the lying pollsters who post them


A few years ago, that paragon of liberal intellect Al Franken published a book titled: "Liars and the lying liars who tell them." I believed then as I believe now that the shoe of his assertion fits better on the leftist foot than on that of his intended victims.

It seems to me that not a day has passed since the conventions, when every media outlet reporting on the race has failed to  foist yet another banner headline of what the polls are saying. And for the most part? If the polls are to be believed, the president is at worst in a tight race and at best in the lead.

Personally, I am failing to see it. As I peruse the landscape and look at my community and the reports in other cities and communities across the country, there is a palpable and genuine dissatisfaction with this economy and the man who most now realize is responsible for their continued misery. Many have heard the stories of those like myself who lived through the Jimmy Carter administration. Now those who did not listen are experiencing first hand what their parents and others have been trying to tell them for the past five years

Mean while, every day there are more and more push polls hitting the TV news reports and the internet blogs and news outlets.  Push polling is the ultimate tool of the Big Lie propagandist in American media. They know that if they tell the lies long enough and publish them loud enough, eventually the people will accept their skewed reality as fact and hopefully react accordingly.

I sincerely hope there are still a majority of Americans who ware smarter than that.  Meanwhile, the beat goes on and more and more polls are spewed out hourly supposedly showing how Obama is the preferred candidate. And as far as I am concerned, these are nothing more than the lying polls manufactured by the lying liars who post them

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