Saturday, April 12, 2014

BLM Backs Down Is The Headline.

According to a news conference held by the Sheriff of Clarke county Nevada this morning, the Bundy feud and standoff with the BLM has come to an end with the Agents of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ceding that they will disengage from further persecution of Rancher Clive Bundy and his family.

According to the InfoWars site, this complete sea change by the BLM has come about in less than 24 hours from the news being released by InfoWars, that Nevada Senator Harry Reid and a Chinese company were seeking to use the BLM to force Bundy and others off federal managed land, in order to pursue a green energy wind farm scheme that Reid apparently stood to make a lot of money on.

Personally, I don't believe the conflict between the Bundy family and the federal government is over. The BLM may have gone slinking away in retreat, but the forces of an evil socialist empire such as the Obama administration has been pushing on the American people for the last five years, will not simply go away and say never mind once they decide to act against citizens of this nation. The BLM will be back and the approach will be from an entirely different angle next time. Next time the approach they devise will allow them to first arrest and imprison the entire Bundy family and their supporters before the BLM and the Federal government move to take the land.

In addition, watching this sheriff at his press conference this morning,  tells me that this sheriff is weak as milk toast and nothing more than a tool for those in the federal government who have told him what his response and actions should be. In my opinion, one of the first things that should happen in the aftermath of this debacle, is that the citizens of Clarke county Nevada, should hold a recall election immediately to find a new sheriff. The citizens of Clarke county need to hire someone who is sworn to the people and constitutional rights of the people of Clarke county and someone who is devoted to upholding the laws of Nevada and protection the citizens of his county under our constitution, as opposed to being a willing accomplice to the attempted criminal acts of Harry Reid, supported by a militarized arm of the federal government.

Feds Back Down From Bundy Siege After Infowars Exposé of Chinese Land Grab

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