Thursday, April 24, 2014

Confusing God and Government? I Don't Think So........

Jeremiah Wright stood in the pulpit of Trinity church in Chicago in 2003 and claimed that Americans were confusing God with government. The favored reverend of Barack Obama went on too damn America and to attempt to claim that his belief and actions were in the bible. The chickens are coming home to roost America! Lamented this supposed man of God.

Most Americans remember the Jeremiah Wright sermon that was revealed to the entire country during the 2008 presidential campaign. Most Americans remember it, but few did anything about it. Few took note with enough interest to care whether Barack Obama was elected president or not.

Too many Americans were too burdened with their egalitarian spawned race guilt over being white and oppressors. They were too burdened to ever look at Barack Obama objectively, or his record or associations with Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers. Americans were too burdened..... to even attempt to deny at the ballot box, the first black presidency, regardless of who that person was and regardless of what they represented.

Last week Harry Reid called American patriots standing up for their rights in Nevada, domestic terrorists.  People who stood up against the BLM attempting to run ranchers off of the land that the BLM is complicit in trying to give to Harry Reid's business partners.  Where was Harry Reid when Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground were bombing American government facilities in the 1960's?  Where was Harry Reid when Jeremiah Wright was issuing a call to arms in his church against white people and damning America with the complicit aid and approval of American media?

For those who believe that Obama Care is the greatest thing that has ever happened in America and that Obama Care is all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops, have a look at the most recent reality of the tragedy of the Obama presidency. As the Reverend Wright once said? The chickens are coming home to roost America! Jeremiah Wright has famously damned America and c;aimed his right to do so was in the bible. But if anyone is damning America in today's world? It is Barack Obama and those who support his Fabian socialism, anti capitalism and the destruction and degradation of America and her traditions.

Obamacare Slashes Senior Home Health Care Services

"Over 3.5 million seniors receive health care services in their home. Over 60% of the recipients are women. These beneficiaries tend to be older, poorer and sicker than the overall Medicare population. Because of this, they often lack transportation, making home health care services critical for their well-being. Those impacted by the ongoing cuts are the most vulnerable and at-risk seniors.

Obamacare gave the Obama administration wide latitude in containing spending in the program. In a decision that baffled critics, however, the administration chose to impose the maximum cuts allowed, cutting reimbursements by 14% over the next four years. The announced cuts will dramatically shrink the home health care sector and leave over a million seniors without access to health services."

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