Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Obama's Lies and His Liars Don't Matter To the Media

Obama's fantasy world of steadfastly anti American socialism takes America daily toward an abyss of failure that is incomprehensible to any reasoned thinking or patriotic American.  While the American media amuses themselves with racist team owners and creates the news of private conversations involving racism that become the lead stories of American media, the privately captured conversations of Barack Obama and his cabinet leaders continue to be purposely overlooked.

It was Barack Obama who told the Russians to wait until after he was re-elected....when he would have more "flexibility."   Obviously the American media didn't give a damn about that.  Or last week when John Kerry was overheard privately telling the Trilateral Commission that the Israelis were nothing more than racist bigots who needed to listen to his plan for a two state solution, or they are no better than those formerly engaged in Apartheid.  All that was left for Kerry in that conversation was the staple liberal tactic of branding the Israelis Nazis.

The bottom line, the private conversations that have been revealed during this administration concerning this president and his cabinet leaders, are far more harmful to America and Americans, than anything some octogenarian billionaire team owner ever said to his concubine.  But Americans are trained lap dogs.  They listen to, respond and project their anger only at those things they are told to by the media.

Thank you TMZ!  You are doing a helluva  a job of shoveling shit for the ever increasing mushroom population of America. Maybe one day when reality TV is revealed to be provided at the end of a gun barrel, the people will listen to truth then. 

Meanwhile, have a look at his Asian pivot lie.

Obama’s pivot to Asia will lack firepower

President Obama’s pivot to Asia will lack a crucial military underpinning next year, when for four months, the Navy will not have an aircraft carrier in the region. Defense cuts have helped shrink the number of available carriers, alarming GOP lawmakers who are fighting the Pentagon’s plan to permanently cut the number of U.S. carriers to 10. They argue not having a carrier in the region for months at a time will send a signal of U.S. weakness, as China seeks to make territorial claims against several U.S. allies over the South China Sea. “Symbolically, the worst thing we could do around the globe is to take one of those carriers out,” Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) told defense reporters on Tuesday. “We really need two or three carriers there.” According to Forbes and House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.), there will not be a carrier in the region for about 130 days next year, between when the USS George Washington leaves its base in Japan, and when its replacement, the USS Ronald Reagan, arrives there.

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