Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Expanding Personal Protection Laws in Georgia

Today is the day that Georgians will see their individual rights as gun owners expanded. As a gun owner and as a retired law enforcement officer, all I can say is....."its about time." It is not law abiding citizens who carry firearms that we as Georgians need to fear. It is those in Washington who seek to take away our rights leaving us at the mercy of criminals and anarchist who we need to fear. In thirty years of law enforcement in a major urban city like Atlanta, (a southern city where those in other parts of the country look down on southerners as ignorant gun toting hicks), I never encountered a situation involving a firearm used during the commission of a crime, where the person on the other end of the weapon had a licensed carry permit. 

 I never had the occasion or necessity to arrest anyone using a firearm legally to defend themselves or their property, however, I arrested hundreds if not thousands who were thugs and criminals carrying and using firearms. Criminals don't obey licensing laws, anymore than they obey any other laws. I remember when Georgia passed concealed carry in the late 1970's. The wailing and gnashing of teeth was palpable from those on the left and from the anti gun liberals. 

Those like then state representative, now congressman David Scott lamented: "If we allow this law to take effect? There will be gun battles in the streets and police officers will be killed in record numbers." The bottom line, it never happened. The only thing that did happen, is that many places in Georgia became safer because people were carrying concealed weapons and the criminals knew it. I salute Governor Deal for having the foresight and the fortitude to ignore those who would deny Georgians their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. 

Georgia governor to sign 'unprecedented' bill expanding gun rights

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is expected to sign legislation Wednesday expanding gun rights in the state. The bill, described by the National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm as "the most comprehensive pro-gun reform legislation introduced in recent state history," expands the scope of public places where licensed owners are allowed to carry firearms. The bill makes several changes to state law. It allows those with a license to carry to bring a gun into a bar without restriction and into some government buildings that don't have certain security measures. It also allows religious leaders to decide whether it's OK for a person with a carry license to bring a gun into their place of worship.

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