Sunday, April 20, 2014

Michelle Obama on Race and entitlement in America

I'm sorry. I watched the video and "Why do you hate white people" is not what I heard or came away with after listening carefully to Michelle Obama's remarks.  What I did come away with is an obvious entrenched belief that regardless of how many entitlements and opportunities the Obama's were given? 

Nothing is good enough or ever will be good enough to offset their entrenched and shared racial views of America. Both Barack In my opinion, both Obama and Michelle Obama are examples of blacks who were singled out for special treatment and special opportunities in life. They were not singlec out for discrimination mind you, but they were singled out for accelerated privilege.

If there was any discrimination involved in the story lines of their lives, it involved those who were discriminated against for the benefit of Barack and Michelle Obama and others who were given the benefit of not having to compete on the same level as everyone else because of their race. Yet even in light of this reality. Michelle Obama remained a bitter woman who sees racism hiding behind every corner in 2008. Much as she continues to see her beliefs in racism today and this is six years into her husband's presidency. 

No....this woman has never been proud of America, not even after her husband was elected president. She was not proud then and she is not proud now. She is not proud because she has never been proud of America her entire life and watching and listening to her comments on race in America serves to explain why. She believes that she has been slighted because of her race and she sees the root causes of her seemingly justifiable hatreds and dislikes of her country and her perceived bigotry of white people as firmly and justifiably being based in their racism.  What she fails to understand, is that the racism that continues to skew her perspectives and belief systems is her own.

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