Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Pending War in Nevada Is Not Over.

The news this morning, is that the Sheriff of the Nevada County, where the Bureau of Land Management had laid siege to a local resident, has no held a press conference and stated that the BLM is withdrawing from the area and once again making the land free public access.

This is not over folks. They are simply re0grouping to press the issues either on a new front, or from a different directions against this rancher and his family. Obama obviously doesn't want to continue to generate the bad press and deteriorating public sentiment against the federal government that has occurred this past week.

Yes.....this is a states rights and individual rights issue and obviously there are a lot of people willing to come to the area and stand toe to toe with the mounting tyranny of this administration.Americans need to stop watching mindless television programming and start paying attention to their country and the assault on their own personal freedoms. 

I believe that the 21st Century Tea Party moment is about to occur and it may just begin in Nevada.

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