Sunday, July 26, 2015

Obama's Words Defend Southern Rights

"When you start treating people differently, not because they are doing harm to anybody, but because they are different. That's the path whereby, freedoms begin to erode" "The idea that they are going to be treated differently, or abused because of who they love is wrong."  ~Barack Obama~

Prophetic words by the great one spoken in Kenya yesterday. There is only one problem. Those are words spoken by Barack Obama in defense of homosexuality as some supposed right of all, including Kenyans. The Kenyan's didn't appreciate that. Kenya, the home of Obama's father and the country where the Kenyan's told Obama before he arrived....."don't go there." But obviously, Obama and his handlers couldn't pass up the opportunity to further the agenda of homosexuality globally, while basking in the glory of his home country.

Personally, I find Obama's defense of homosexuality both an interesting and an ironic dichotomy of his presidency.  Particularly as he defended it yesterday in Kenya. Obama's defense of homosexuality is interesting from the perspective that he is the individual who was on record as both a Illinois senator and a US senator and as president, as being totally against same sex marriage. However, now he is in the forefront of championing all things homosexual, lesbian and transsexual. I mean Hells! Bells!  It's a wonder he didn't take the world's most renowned transsexual Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner along with him on this trip to Kenya. They could have all sung along with John Kerry and James Taylor, to the tune of "you've got a friend" to the Kenyan people too.

The Kenyans and their president told Obama that they hoped that he didn't bring his homosexual agenda with him to their shores, but it looks like those sentiments served only to bait the great one into that much more of a desire to speak out in front of the world about homosexuality while in Kenya.  I am of the opinion that among Obama's most glaringly lacking social traits, the absence of social graces at any stage are the most visible. Both personally and diplomatically Obama continually demonstrates his political inexperience and juvenile repertoire of incompetence to lead this nation on a regular basis.

Something tells me that championing homosexuality was not part of the "Dreams of His Father" that he wrote about in the book. Something tells me that that they were not part of any "Audacity of Hope" he also wrote about. So they must have been part of that "Change You Can Believe In" that he has forced upon the American people and now looks to force upon the Kenyans and others.

Changes that Obama hopes to inflict even on his true homeland, now that he is president and on the down hill slide toward the end of his presidency.  Some say that he is working on his legacy.  I say his in your face challenge to the Kenyan people and their president yesterday will be part of his everlasting legacy in Kenya, because the Kenyan people aren't interested in his interference in their country or their culture. On the one hand? They intend to take his advice. They don't intend to treat homosexuals in Kenya any differently today than they did yesterday or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, there is a larger parallel to Obama's message of perceived rights and discrimination that will probably be lost on many. 

"When you start treating people differently, not because they are doing harm to anybody, but because they are different. That's the path whereby, freedoms begin to erode" "The idea that they are going to be treated differently, or abused because of who they love is wrong."  ~Barack Obama~
Obama's words and assessment of harm and the erosion of freedoms is something that is immediately applicable to a present and ongoing dilemma facing other people here in America today.  There is another group and there is another class of people here in America today who are presently being discriminated against. They are presently being treated differently. There is presently harm being done to them. They are being abused and their freedoms are presently being eroded, but no one seems to care about that, the least of which being Barack Hussein Obama.  

Those individuals being unfairly judged and unfairly discriminated against, are those presently having their individual rights and freedoms openly attacked. Those individuals are American Southerners.  They have rights too don't they?  They have a right to love those who they choose to love don't they?  They have a right to love American patriots too don't they? Both living and  deceased? Don't they?  People like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and yes.....even those like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest and others.

Those Americans and their histories and their memorials are part of who they are and what and who they love. No different than those wrapping themselves in the pastels of the pride flag and vaunting their sexuality as a  supreme court newly approved right of ascendency today. 

Southerners and those who love and honor their heritage and their forefathers and their ancestors? Have every bit as much right to do so and to do so unfettered and absent being demeaned and demonized, or discriminated against by government and those presently in elected public offices today.

So from where I stand?  Barack Hussein Obama just made the case for defense of heritage and the right to love who you choose on a basis and at a level that is undeniable.  As a Southerner and as a Christian and as an American, I have a right to love my ancestors and my heritage. I have a right to love my God and follow his teachings and I have a right to practice my love and my faith, absent being discriminated against on any level by either my government, the media or others.

What say you?  Do you believe it is time to stand up for your own rights to choose?  Is it time to stand up and defend your ancestors and your heritage?  Is it time to stand up and defend your God and his teachings?  I say it is. I say it is time to tell this president.....we have rights too and we will defend those rights. 

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