Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time To Remove & Eliminate All Divisive Symbols in America?

 If its time to remove and eliminate all divisive symbols in America, then it is time to remove this divisive symbol and the outright racism that it represents of the past and present day Black Panther party. this marker needs to go and so do all like it.

Most members of the commission were familiar with the violent past of the national Panther Party, Maxwell said.
But once they learned of the local Panthers’ positive impact on the community, their views shifted, she said.
“We felt we had an organization that had a story,” Maxwell said.
Derwin Mongomery is the Council member who suggested the tribute. Mr. Montgomery explained his reasoning to the Journal:
“You had some who chose a passive stance, the nonviolent approach, and those who chose the Malcolm X or Black Panther Party approach,” he said. “We recognize much from the nonviolent portion of the movement but there are also positive things that came out from the other side as well.”

Those were the words and justifications of those on the Winston Salem city council, sponsoring and supporting this tribute marker to the Black Panthers in Winston Salem in 2012

And yes, there are other markers and symbols that need to go and be cleansed whom our view also. Put them in the Natiaonal civil rights Museum in Atlanta.  That's where they belong.

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