Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An attempt to assassinate a St. Louis police officer overnight has thankfully failed, but not for the want of effort or for the lack of desire by those involved.  Ten bullet holes through the windshield of his car and his bullet proof vest appears to be all that saved him . 

This is what our country is coming to folks.  On the heals of the Ferguson riots and the calls by Sharpton and others to attack the police.  We have two police officers who were ambushed and are dead in New York as a result of these lunatics and we have had a series of attacks on police officers across America, ever since this state inspired hatred was began last fall.

Not unlike the current controversy and the ginned up state sponsored racism and hatred of all things Confederate The hatred of police officers in this country by blacks and liberal anarchist whites is palpable.  There will be more of these attacks on white police officers, you can count on it. Along with the fact that the Black Panthers, who have openly called for the assassination of white police officers, will continue to be ignored. All while this administration continues to do nothing short of encouraging the racial violence we have witnessed for the past year. The president and his administration are encouraging racial violence and racial violence will continue and increase..

As will the attacks now on people who own or possess flags of the Confederacy.  You can count on that also.  So when are white Americans going to stand up for their rights and demand the protection of their government that they deserve?  Or has our populace now become so diluted and bastardized by the influx of illegal aliens and others, as to relegate those white Americans born and raised in America as nothing more than the cows to be milked and taxpayers to be further enslaved to socialism and anarchy.

"Authorities in St. Louis are hunting for a gunman Tuesday who they say shot a police officer in what is believed to be an ambush attack. The injured police officer -- identified as a 39-year-old sergeant with 16 years on the force -- was sitting inside his personal car in uniform when the shooting occurred. The officer's car was riddled with bullets and he was hit in the torso. He was saved by his ballistic vest, Fox2Now.com reported. "They tried to assassinate a police officer," Sam Dotson, the city's police chief, told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch." 


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