Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The War That's a War For The History Books is the war on global Muslim Terrorism going these days (mr). president? I believe I can answer that question. Once you get past all the white noise and the purposeful distractions that the complicit American media produces to conceal the reality and hide the truth from America. We are losing.  Authors note: (the term white noise will soon be abandoned as racist. It will be replaced with the term black noise. As a more suitable term to be used by the more progressive and tolerant entities in American political double speak)

Now, back to the present reality. President Hussein Obama has absolutely no intent of disrupting any Muslim terror operations, globally or domestically. Particularly those operations being led by the Muslim brotherhood and financed by Iran and Syria and deeply entwined with his shadow administration and the likes of one Valerie Jarrett.

You don't hear much out of Afghanistan any more. Why? Because the Muslims don't need Afghanistan to accomplish their goals anymore as a training and recruitment venue.They have those capabilities more than adequately covered now in Iraq and Syria. The same places America was once trying to insure they never gained control of. And besides, they will soon have nuclear weapons, compliments of their friend and Allie Hussein Obama.

Afghanistan is a mountainous goat ridden spit of worthless terrain. A place originally used only as a hideout and recruitment venue for Muslim terrorists, while America was actively pursuing terrorism and terrorists after  9/11.  Afghanistan had been a forgotten piece of useless geography that only served a limited purpose while the United States was actively engaged in a cold war with the Soviet Union. Afghanistan lacked any significant geopolitical value, (other than a place to hold a surrogate war with the Soviets) until the Muslim crusades that Jimmy Carter allowed to awaken and flourish in 1980 were born. After which and after 9/11, Afghanistan suddenly it became a good hideout and retirement community for the likes of Osama Bin Ladin and his merry band of thieves and murderous malcontents. 

There are now bigger fish to fry concerning the growing Muslim caliphates and there are far better recruiting and training grounds for them than Afghanistan ever was. The new Jihadis have their new army and their new emerging caliphates, springing up in Iraq and Syria and all across northern Africa! Their army is no longer referred to as a meager group of insurgents known as the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

Their army is now known as ISIS! Remember ISIS? The fourth string JV bench warmers that Obama wasn't concerned about two years ago? It seems they have grown like a cancer all across the middle east and now they occupy most of what America spent over ten years fighting to claim in Iraq and Afghanistan. They now occupy Iraq,  Syria and most of Northern Africa, with Egypt and Jordan clearly in their sights of further conquest.  (and the band plays on)

ISIS is where the real power and the real threat now lies, concerning those who are the identifiable Islamic enemies of America. Mean while, all that Hussein Obama is doing about their growing threat to America,  is to tell his puppet military commanders like General Odierno;  to only target those ISIS targets that have been thoroughly vetted and thoroughly verified and thoroughly triangulated via duplicitous idiotic rules of engagement. Rules designed to fail and rules that allow our enemies to walk away long before any US airstrikes or drones strikes  can reach them or target them

In light of those realities and the fact that Hussein Obama is daily hacking away and destroying America's military infrastructure; is it any wonder that ISIS is growing and becoming more of a global threat daily. You don't have to be a sophisticated super power enemy of America (like the Russians) to be able to see through Obama's game plan of playing word games for the benefit of the media. Even goat humping Allah worshiping shit heads, armed only with a koran and an AK 47 can figure that out and avoid being taken out as targets by America's no war on terror.

If you want to know what happened to the war on terror in America?  Read the history books, because the war on terror no longer exists.  

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