Sunday, July 19, 2015

America's Military Is Being Told To Hide From Our Enemies

The Department of Defense (DOD) has ordered all US military recruiters into civilian clothes as a result of the Chattanooga massacre last Thursday.  While the media continues to report, that the FBI claims that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Muhammad Youseff Abdulazeez had any associations with or affiliations with, any known terrorist organizations; the simple facts remain ignored and given no weight of evidence toward his murderous attack against a Marine recruiting center and a Navy operations center last week..

The fact that Abdulazeez traveled to Jordan last year and spent time there unbeknownst to our best intelligence efforts to identify potential home grown terrorist, should be a chilling wake up call to every American.  The fact that he tweeted a Koranic verse to a friend about going to war with his enemies, right before he began his murderous assault appears to be completely ignored by these same federal agencies that now claim that he was not on their radar and they had absolutely no clue of his actions while in the middle east. None of the clear and undeniable evidence seems relevant to those creating the news reports or those investigators supposedly investigating the massacre and the motives of what they are each reporting as an "all American boy."

Meanwhile, the official DOD response to the massacre of five US service members, is to order US military recruiters nation wide into civilian clothes?  What the hell exactly is that supposed to do?  Will that prevent further attacks against our recruiting centers or bases?  The military, homeland security and the FBI et al have known for months of the stated threats against American military personnel and yet they did nothing to prepare against the attack that occurred in Chattanooga last week. Now the DOD wants to respond to this massacre, by telling its recruiters nation wide to attempt to hide from potential Muslim terrorist threats, by hiding behind civilian clothes, while at the same time publicly denying that there are any Muslim terrorist threats. 

What level of leadership in any professional or respected military, advises their forces to hide from the enemy? What level of military leadership imposes gun free zones around military bases and offices, then questions whether or not to arm those troops, once five of their comrades have been massacred by a Muslim terrorist. A Muslim terrorist that they continue to refuse to call a Muslim extremist

These are the circumstance that have been wrought against our nation and our troops by the purposely ineffectual and the overt Islamic complicit administration of Barack Hussein Obama and the sooner Americans wake up to that fact, the sooner they will become prepared to defend themselves and their nation. No legitimate president of this nation or legitimate commander in chief, or legitimate secretary of defense, or legitimate chairman of the joint chiefs of staff would allow or stand for idiocy of a magnitude and level we are currently witnessing. Much less advise our military personnel to cower and hide from any enemy, but that is precisely what they are being told to do by their commanders and by those in this administration at all levels.

At a time when this nation should be on the offensive against militant, offensive and murderous Islamic intentions and terrorist actions globally, this president and his administration of rogues, including those in the Pentagon and currently at the head of every branch of our military, are advising our troops to look and act like cowards and hide from the enemy. 

Our troops and our recruiters should be changing their uniforms alright, but not from class b dress recruiting uniforms to civilian clothes. They should be changing into their BDU's and being issued sidearms and weapons to not only defend themselves, but to also be prepared to defend the rest of us from the continuing murderous attacks that are surely to come.  Yet rather than doing that, rather than doing the sensible thing and rather than ordering our military to a reasonable level of alert,  this administration is further weakening our military forces and further demoralizing our military forces, by telling them to hide from the threats of a Muslim menace that this administration refuses to admit even exists.

These are dark days America and they are only going to get worse.  America is under attack on two fronts by an overt and radical regime of Islamic apologists currently controlling this government and the military of this nation. And these same forces are determined to see racial strife and violence in every corner of this nation, while they continue to refuse to address the threats of a virulent Islamic threat that grows stronger and more powerful daily .  The real pity of it all, is that the average American is completely oblivious to what is afoot, what is being carried on by this government and allowed to happen and who is truly responsible for what is happening.   

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