Monday, July 20, 2015

A Debt of Dishonor Has Been Created

The national news has been hammering Donald Trump all day on various news programs over his remarks concerning John McCain's hero status or lack there of made in Arizona last week. The nightly news just took their best shots and replayed his controversial remarks from Arizona that began the media feeding frenzy. 

There seems to be a rising tide of media outrage and demands that Donald Trump apologize to John McCain for disparaging McCain's military service in Vietnam. Trump has refused and McCain says that Trump doesn't owe him any apologies, however, McCain says that Trump owes all veterans an apology. 

As a Vietnam veteran, I don't feel the need to receive an apology from Donald Trump on any issue but one issue.  That issue concerns his refusal to serve in the American armed forces during Vietnam. He refused to serve via his avoiding the draft and his failure to volunteer for military service during Vietnam. I volunteered for service and I was subsequently drafted and I have always been proud of my service and those who volunteered alongside me, as we are the majority of Vietnam veterans.

As it concerns apologizing to me over what he said regarding John McCain's military service, there is no apology necessary. I happen to hold John McCain in less than admirable or honorable standing on my own and absent any input from Trump or anyone else.  Those interested in understanding why, need only to do the research on John McCain's actions, both during his confinement in North Vietnam as a POW and his subsequent actions and failures of action toward American veterans, while he was on the Senate Armed Services Committee with John Kerry.

Both John McCain and John Kerry, purposely abandoned American MIA's and their families, in order to reestablish diplomatic and economic relations with Vietnam, while they each held key positions on the Senate Armed Services Committee, they sold those families and MIA's out.  As a result of their combined actions and combined refusal to aid or listen to MIA families, Americans left behind in Vietnam died and were executed by the same communist that McCain and Kerry could not wait to reestablish relations with.  Don't take my word for it, do the research on your own. The information is on the record and easily obtained via google searches of their names and the subject matter.

Aside from McCain's abandonment of our MIA's, as Donald Trump rightfully asserts, John McCain has left American veterans in want of medical treatment and ignored their concerns from their pleas about Agent Orange to their under funded pleas for PTSD treatments. Like the old song, their concerns and their illnesses and their deaths were and continue to be, simply blowing in the wind. The same place they have been for decades.  Those who know the history and the record of John McCain don't need Donald Trump to point these things out to them, but it is interesting to watch both McCain and the media squirm in view of Trump's recently sensationalized allegations concerning McCains military service in Vietnam. 

If we are going to talk apologies?  Let me tell you who needs to be making apologies.  John McCain and John Kerry.  They are the two who need to apologize to all American veterans and they need to make those apologies jointly to all veterans for what they consciously did to harm and injure American veterans. 

So, if anyone is looking for a broad and sweeping apology to American veterans, that is the apology that needs to be made that that is who needs to be doing it, but since the media is obsessed over apologies?  They seem to have missed and purposely overlooked a glaring apology that should be tendered immediately.

That apology needs to be tendered by president Barack Obama.  Why?  What for?  Well I am glad you asked.  Its really rather simple.  We have four dead Marines and one dead Sailor after last Thursdays Muslim perpetrated and Jihadi inspired massacre in Chattanooga Tennessee. The media can attempt to spin and blur the truth of what happened in Chattanooga last week all they want to, but the facts are what they are and those facts cannot be denied. 

A Muslim with demonstrated hatred toward America and steeped in his own beliefs and indoctrinations while in the middle east last year, murdered five innocent American service members.  Murders that were predictable and preventable. Completely preventable, had the present commander in chief and his administration taken the proper security measures and the proper actions, in response to the known and published threats of intended harm to our military personnel by Muslim radicals and lone wolves being solicited by ISIS and others.. 

Those men should have been armed and they should of had access to weapons to defend themselves with and they weren't protected or provided the weapons they needed. As a result they are dead and those directly responsible for that failure are the president, his administration and his military leaders in all branches.   An apology to the families of those needlessly murdered dead is due, along with an apology to their comrades for failing to protect them also.

An apology is also due from this president, for his abject lack of respect and calloused lack of response to those deaths in Chattanooga last week. On the heels of those murders, this president left to go to New York for personal family entertainment and today as the bodies of the honored dead were being transported and respected in tributes all across this nation, Barack Hussein Obama was no where to be seen or heard. 

No personal messages were uttered, no phone calls to the families were made, no orders to lower the flags of our nation in respect and reverence for our honored dead this week were given.  Those actions are apparently reserved for racially charged deaths and those who died at the hands of those this president sees as racist.  Terrorists and their actions and their victims apparently don't make the cut with Barack Hussein Obama and his is the only apology I really give a damn about.  Even though I know it will never be tendered, it will suffice for me, if American realizes that a debt of dishonor has been created and allowed to be ignored. 

Semper Fidelis

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