Monday, July 27, 2015

Racism? Its All In The Name

Now the residents of Pine Lake Ga.? Want to change the name of Forrest Rd. in Pine lake Ga. They seem to believe that their road must have been named after Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest..  There is absolutely no evidence to support the suspicions of a resident who proudly stated her deference in favor of the name change, while standing on her porch with her pride flag as a backdrop that was not lost on the WSB TV cameraman and reporter. The resident stated that she did not know if the road was named after infamous Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest or not, but just in case, she wants to change it anyway. At least remove one or the R's.

I don't think the idiotic ethnic purge of all things confederate and offensive should stop there.  I think they should go through the phone books nationwide and force everyone in America with the last or the first name of Forrest to change their names to something less offensive to black people and less offensive to all the others who support the egalitarian cleansing of America. 

And the same for all of those individuals with the names Lee first or last. And what about Jackson?  Stonewall?  So even though there is no provable connection with the names, anyone with those names or any other names that can be associated with Confederate generals would need to be changed and removed. Looks like a noble cause to be begun nationwide right?

What about........

Stuart! Longstreet! Bragg! Pickett!  and what about..... Andersen! Johnson! Mosby! and Beauregard! Hill! Ewell! Johnson! Early! Smith! Hood! Bee! Armistead! Alexander!

All of those names most assuredly are insensitive and sufficiently racially offensive to someone. So I think that we need to force those people with those names  to change their names and take those names off of all gravestones too!  We wouldn't want someone walking by the grave of a Lee or Mosby or driving down any street in the USA named Hill or Alexander and suddenly having a racially insensitive episode of perceived racail oppression now would we.

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