Thursday, July 23, 2015

Whoa! Don't Point Your Stupid Shit At Me!

So....the latest crisis the media is calling for mental constipation over this morning?  Armed drones!  Some college kid, put together a quad copter and a semi auto pistol, then flew it for 60 seconds, while shooting the pistol close to the ground and videoing the creation he had made. Then he did the really bothersome thing of putting the video on youtube.  The video has gone viral and between the media outrage and the FAA? You'd think the kid was America's only valid terrorist threat.

The kid is studying engineering and he decided to apply some of his engineering skills to the building of the drone. pistol combo. Maybe not the brightest idea? But he definitely made it work, now the media is getting all squishy pants and incessantly reporting on the "armed drone and the potential threats that it represents!

I guess we should have all expected this response from the media. After all, they absolutely hate all firearms in civilian hands and they don't like drones either. Well, except those in the hands of the government. In this incident, the media is reporting on all of the potential deadly and terrible things that could potentially occur because of technology like this.  "The technology has out distanced the legislation!"

The problem is, the technology long ago seems to have out distanced the legislation, but the American people have been told not to worry about that, because the "president knows best, what is best for us all."  The US military can have armed drones and does. They have had them for years now and they carry and possess some of the most sophisticated surveillance and weaponry in existence; but you and I don't need to concern ourselves with that, The military would never use those devices against us. Right?  Well not exactly.

It seems that our all knowing and always right benevolent dictator, I mean president, has decided to give himself the authority to use those sophisticated military drones to carry out his own personal hit list, including against American citizens (including on our soil) and in the absence of any judicial review or authorization.  Just think if the government had of had those back in the days during Waco or Ruby Ridge.....

So all of those amendments in the Bill of Rights.  Things like your right to speak out? Or to be safe and secure in your property and person? To be protected against unlawful seizure or threat to your property or person? Absent a warrant issued by a judge who specifically spells out the limited authority of the government's actions?  Well just forget about all that stupid shit.  Who needs it anyway.  I mean, what good is a constitution, when you have am all knowing and omnipresent government. A government being controlled by a narcissistic novice who knows little about anything, other than what his handlers tell him to know. America would be better off being led by a trained seal or a performing pony, but I digress.

The bottom line is this, the ginned up fear that the media is creating over a college kid who created a project to impress his friends and demonstrate his technical skills is not the problem,  The problem is not whether some college kid may strap a pistol onto a drone and fly it in to assassinate some poor sap. The danger is not that the armed drone my lose radio contact, go rogue and crash on a playground full of children. These were each examples of scenarios the media was hustling on Good Day America this morning All the, while using videos of the kid and his drone as a backdrop to "their report on the threat"

Mean while, the real threat and the real danger?   Is not some college kid with a quad copter and a pistol. The real danger is some dedicated terrorist, with the knowledge and the access to the dame technology and the financing and desire to create a truly havoc laden device.   I am not talking about some simple quad copter with a pistol, but what about a quad copter with a shrapnel bomb?  Or a remote controlled aircraft?  A UAV laden with high explosives and nuclear waste?  A dirty bomb!  Well hells bells!  We all know that in light of Obama's glorious deal with the Iranians?  That there is no fear of anyone or any terrorists in particular, ever establishing those capabilities. Right?

See.....the problem here is the media once again. Rather than the media calling those occupying the highest seats of power in this country into accountability?  (as the constitution provides)  The media completely ignores the the very real threats that exists, while chasing after juvenile and bombastic bullshit, as if they have discovered the next Pearl Harbor attack in the making. I am a long way from membership in the brain powered think tanks of the Pentagon or the Hussein Obama situation room, but I can promise you this. Some kid in a college dorm building drones for a youtube audience is not the problem.

The problem is some Islamic zealot and his well financed terrorist cell, building something far more complex and far more capable of inflicting mass death on our soil, than some simple quad copter with a pistol strapped on it.  Those interested (including all potential terrorists) need only to peruse youtube with the key words remote controled planes, remote controlled jets UAV's etc. They will soon find a gazillion examples of remote controlled UAV aircraft that run the gamut of cheap to phenomenally expensive. Many of which would be easily convertible by a dedicated and well financed terrorist threat.

Those bent on attacking this country will find a way to do it and all that Good Morning America and others in media have done (and are doing)  with their juvenile reporting on the kid and his drone, is to further plant the seeds of ideas in the minds of those already looking for ways and means to lash out at America and its people.

Thanks GMA!  Just do me a favor......Don't point your stupid shit at me.

PS.  and as the photo above reveals, this kid is not the first with the idea. the guy pictured? Has videos of quad copters armed with automatic weapons. I wonder what the FAA thinks of this one.....

Looks like our friends and admirers are already ahead of us.

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