Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Supporting Gingrich is racial, according to Glenn Beck

Really Glenn? I knew there was a reason behind why you bowed out at Fox News and that reason is becoming more and more apparent by the day. The train of cogent reasoning has left the station my friend. Without you I might add.

There was a (brief) point right after Glenn Beck came to Fox, where his opinions and talking points were salient and reasoned and they seemingly made sense. That moment in time was short lived. Somewhere along the way after that brief moment, the man simply lost it in my opinion. In my humble opinion, he literally became a legend in his own mind and began spewing such babble, that I couldn't listen to him anymore.

And here he is attempting to make himself relevant by trashing Gingrich as nothing less than a racial candidate. I suspect that Beck's horse is Romney. Just one more reason why I will no longer consider anything Glenn Beck says as relevant or rational thinking. The man is now pissing off his own base, so I say that not too long after this election cycle, Glenn Beck will be a footnote in the memory of most conservatives.  

Supporting Gingrich is racial.  
Glenn Beck is catching heat from the Tea Party movement that he helped champion -- and helped champion him -- after suggesting Tea Partiers who support Newt Gingrich over President Obama would do so only because Gingrich is white.
The former Fox News host made the comments in an interview over the weekend on Fox Business Network. Beck, after calling Gingrich a "progressive" and the "only candidate" in the Republican presidential race he could not vote for, issued what he described as a "challenge" to the Tea Party base -- which in large part has flocked to the former speaker's candidacy.

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