Thursday, December 15, 2011

While you slept, your rights were taken

Americans remain asleep and comatose to the realities of this white house and the powers that are being both taken and assumed by this president. It was four short years ago when liberals and the mainstream media were decrying the Bush administration for both Guantanamo and the Bush white house practice of intercepting overseas phone calls with 'known terrorists.'

What a difference an administration and a complicit media makes. America now stands on the precipice of a brave new world of thought and speech control. The arrest of American citizens by military operatives and the detention of American citizens absent any constitutional protections is about to become law.  And even those in congress applaud these egregious acts as needed protections for us all.  Posse Comitatus is about to be no more? And the American people haven't as much as whimpered.
Obama has dropped his threat to veto the bill and is now expected to sign it into law. Remember – it was Obama’s White House that demanded the law apply to U.S. citizens in the first place.
The bill which would codify into law the indefinite detention without trial of American citizens is about to be passed and sent to Obama’s desk to be signed into law, even as some news outlets still erroneously report that the legislation does not apply to U.S. citizens.

“The House on Wednesday afternoon approved the rule for the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), setting up an hour of debate and a vote in the House later this afternoon,” reports the Hill.
Mainstream news outlets like The Hill, as well as neo-con blogs like Red State, are still pretending the indefinite detention provision doesn’t apply to American citizens, even though three of the bill’s primary sponsors, Senator Carl Levin, Senator John McCain, and Senator Lindsey Graham, said it does during speeches on the Senate floor.
“It is not unfair to make an American citizen account for the fact that they decided to help Al Qaeda to kill us all and hold them as long as it takes to find intelligence about what may be coming next,” remarked Graham. “And when they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.’”

"those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither.' ~Benjamin Franklin~ Our forefathers are literally rolling over in their graves.

This administration sees the world as a battlefield, because they see Americans as their enemies. And they have now succeeded in crafting the law to accomplish that which our fore fathers sought to protect us from.

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