Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stolen honor again

Sorry bastards.................These people who are stealing wreaths and the bronze markers from graves all across America should be prosecuted and imprisoned for 5-10 years once they are caught.  there is no excuse for this. There is a link to the local TV report at the link below. I didn't embed it as it has an auto start function that immediately starts the player, but is is click-able at their site.

Stolen Wreaths of Veterans
 Law enforcement are searching a person, or persons, responsible for stealing Christmas wreaths, placed on the graves of United States Veterans, from a Kalispell cemetery.

Over the weekend, an estimated 170 wreaths were nabbed from graves at the Glacier Gardens Memorial Cemetery.

Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry said each wreath has a value of $15, making the total theft worth nearly $3,000, which would make the crime a felony. The wreaths were placed by the Civil Air Patrol during a ceremony called "Wreaths Across America.

Curry said he was disgusted by the crime.
"They were placed on graves of veterans at that cemetery, Very tragic crime, we hate to see anything like this happen. Our concern is that someone then may attempt to sell those wreaths."

Sheriff Curry says his office wants to prevent the stolen wreaths from being re-sold. These wreaths are 12 inches in diameter with a red bow on the front.

They have a metal frame on the back and they had stickers on the back with the words "Made in Worchester, Maine".

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