Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Revelations on Ron Paul

Troubling information surfacing now on Ron Paul. It would seem from reports that Paul has had quite a lengthy association with the Neo Nazi left. They (The National Alliance) supported him four years ago and contributed to his campaign. no word on the money being returned.

Ron Paul's support from the Neo Nazi Extreme

Originally, when I began reporting on the Neo-Nazis and conspiracy theory driven right wing extremists and their associations with Ron Paul, I assumed they were a fringe group who jumped on to the Ron Paul bandwagon. Then after doing extensive research, I realized that not only did the Neo-Nazis and the John Birch/Timothy McVeigh based conspiracy theorists support Ron Paul, but Ron Paul supports the views of the Neo-Nazis and the conspiracy theorists.

There are several pieces of evidence tying Paul to both white supremacists and right wing conspiracy theorists. One connection that ties Paul to both Neo-Nazis and conspiracy theorists, is his close connection to the John Birch society. The John Birch Society is a group that has been called, paranoid, radical, racist, and extremist, and believes in a Jewish/Freemason conspiracy to transform the world into a communist “New World Order.”

And there is more archived information at The American Thinker

White Supremacists rallying around Ron Paul's Presidential campaign

And there is much more on google

The bottom line, there apparently is a plethora of information dating back over twenty years on Paul's associations with fringe groups and conspiracy theorists as it concerns his belief in a looming race war twenty years ago and his most recent alignment with the 9/11 truthers.

And as I heard one local radio host state today, if Ron Paul wins the Iowa Caucus? then that should forever more relegate the Iowa Caucus to the looney tune fringe of irrelevancy in America politics.

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Dad said...

I'll be curious to see what Alex Jones says in response. I'd like to see Glenn Beck's response also. I'll admit that I'm surprised and disappointed. If all of that is so, I don't know who I want to vote for then.