Sunday, December 04, 2011

Political Correctness Defined

Political correctness is fostered by the intellectually dysfunctional. It is an ideology promoted by a complicit mainstream media. It is a doctrine which holds forth the proposition that fairness is somehow entirely possible in all things and that the failure of fairness in life can only be corrected by direct government intervention.

The success of political correctness rests squarely on the premise of government forcing the fallacious doctrines of egalitarianism on the people, to create the forced perspective of fairness above all reason. Political correctness exists on the false belief that all things can be made right with the world by simply forcing the perspective via the abuse of government power and government influence over the people's lives.

That is truly the big lie...... That is and was the foundation of national socialism as was witnessed in the 1930's in Nazi Germany. That must never be allowed to stand unchallenged in America, or else one day we will awaken to the sounds of boots and tank treads in our own streets.


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XtnYoda said...

And the US Postal Service is a good example of the government mandating and regulating a business ... and destroying it.