Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Obama Campaign Collecting GOP Emails

The Obama presidential campaign is launching an effort to collect Republican email addresses by inviting its supporters to submit information about their Republican associates to the Obama 2012 website.

The effort could help the Obama campaign build a database that would enable it to target Republican voters during the general election campaign. But, more perniciously, it could also become part of an Democratic effort to influence Republican primary voters to select a candidate Democrats think Obama could most easily defeat.

And? They could also be perniciously building a potential enemies list by utilizing 'people's neighbors' to report their neighbors. Liberals view all opposition to their skewed views as enemies. Therefore, if you are in that bible, gun loving, God loving segment of America? You are already on their short list of enemies.

Reflect back on statements made by Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder to date and if you can't see that correlation, then you live in a cave.


XtnYoda said...

Saw last week where the Library of Congress is collecting all facebook posts and all posts from twitter as well. I'll try to find the article.

XtnYoda said...

A sample:
If you were thinking that tweet you just sent would soon disappear into the ether, you couldn't be more wrong.

It will soon be stored alongside Thomas Jefferson's draft of the American Declaration of Independence and a Gutenberg Bible.

That's because every public tweet sent since Twitter was launched five-and-a-half years ago is to be be archived by America's national library.....

Might have been wrong about facebook?