Monday, December 05, 2011

"we can't wait"

Looks like president Obama has done another 'end around' of congress with this recent biofuels purchase authorization for the US Navy. And at $16 a gallon? It must be one helluva deal.....This special non food biofuel must be getting ready to cost twice that much if they are willing to pay that much for it now. Right?

Of course it is comforting, to know that my government is spending five times the amount of my tax money necessary for a fuel, just so they can claim that they have gone green. I wonder....Do the American people know that Obama's version of going green means going green with their green backs and on wasteful pie in the sky energy futures that are lining the pockets of his supporters, while proving useless as alternative energy sources?

I wonder......

Navy, Agriculture Departments to Purchase Biofuels For Fleets

 The departments of Agriculture and the Navy announced plans Monday to buy 450,000 gallons of non-food biofuels -- at a cost of $16 per gallon -- in what will be the largest federal purchase of biofuels in U.S. history.

The purchase is being authorized by an executive order under the Obama administration's "we can't wait" campaign.

Administration officials gave no indication why they're not going through Congress, instead using a program that was established to promote rapid job growth by bypassing congressional debate.

Two companies will participate in the program -- Louisiana-based Dynamic Fuels, a joint venture of Tyson foods and Syntroleum Corp, which makes biofuel from used cooking oil; and California based Solazyme, which makes fuel from algae.

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