Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Apology not accepted little jerk

No, the apology is not accepted. There are some things that are so egregious as to make an apology worthless and obviously disingenuous.  What this jerk did was no accident or simple slip of the mind.  It was an intentional act, designed to play to others who share similar sentiments of disdain for this nation and it's flag.

I won't boycott this jerk and his rap crap, as I already boycott him and all the other rap crap.  Crap is a kind word, a much kinder word that can be found in the lyrics of what this jerk calls music.  No, I won't boycott him and neither will all the others who do buy this crap and feed off of it.  This is the kind of crap that their bottom dweller mentality sucks up and suckles to.  This is the kind of crap that feeds their gangsta mentality and their predatory mind.

No, I won't boycott what I already boycott, but I will remember......

Lil Wayne Sparks Furor After Stepping on American Flag

Lil Wayne is facing criticism after video footage surfaced showing the New Orleans born rapper trampling on the American flag. In a one-minute clip on YouTube the flag falls to the ground –it’s unclear if it’s intentionally or unintentionally– during the filming of the video for Lil Wayne’s new single “God Bless Amerika,” and the rapper dances and walks on the flag as a crowd looks on. A representative for Lil Wayne did not return Speakeasy’s request for comment. Lil Wayne courted controversy earlier this year after one of his raps compared a rough sex act to Emmett Till, a black teen murdered in a 1955 hate crime; the hip-hop star would later issue an apology.

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