Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blame it on Bush

 Obama's foreign policy is taking on some of the same connotations as George Bush's Iraq policy in the early days of the war on terror.  Where is the media outrage now? Is this nothing more than another example of Obama fallowing Bush polices and therefore, his actions are nothing more than Bush's fault by proxy?

Eleven years ago when Colin Powell was testifying before the UN about weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein possessed and had used against his opposition, the media et al was enraged and steadily pumping the leftist liberal memes of we need proof of WMD's before we can act.

Eleven years later, we have a president who is about to supply arms to Syrian rebels. Rebels who have already stated their allegiance to our avowed enemies (AL Qaida) and there is nary a whimper from American media nor any earnest calls for the white house to put forth proof of their allegations that Syria's Assad either has or has used chemical weapons (AKA "Weapons of mass destruction").

I don't know about you America?  But I have a problem when a sitting American president is poised to provide weapons of any level to avowed enemies of this nation. As a matter of fact, I believe that by definition when any American provides aid to the "enemy" that in and of itself is defined as treason.

For those who are keeping score, this is just one more example of an American media with its head buried in the sand and an American president regularly engaged in treasonous acts against this nation while the media sleeps. 

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Obama's Syria Policy a Mess

Thursday the White House announced that the American intelligence community assesses, with a level of high confidence, that the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against the opposition multiple times, in a limited fashion. Now that it is clear Assad has crossed the Obama red line by using chemical weapons, the question is, has this changed the president’s “calculus,” as he said it might? The media is reporting that it has. According to the press, Obama has decided to arm the opposition.

 The White House, writes the New York Times, will “begin supplying the rebels for the first time with small arms and ammunition, according to American officials.” USA Today concurs, quoting an unnamed official “knowledgeable about the plans” who “confirmed to USA TODAY that the new assistance would include arming the rebels.” The Wall Street Journal explains that “Obama issued a “classified order directing the Central Intelligence Agency to coordinate arming the rebels in concert with its allies.”

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