Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Softly....softly catchy monkey

A friend of mine posted this to facebook this morning. 
The same people who forgave Bill Clinton for having sex with an intern in the Oval Office of the White House will not forgive Paula Deen for using the N word many years ago. The same people who do not think it is a big deal that 4 Americans died in Bengauzi while the president did nothing do think it is a big deal that Paula Deen used the N word many years ago. The same people who do not care that Attorney General Eric Holder authorized the shipment of hundreds of automatic weapons to drug lords in Mexico (and many people died) do care that Paula Deen used the N word many years ago. The same people who do not know or care what the IRS and the NSA have been doing to American citizens know and care that Paula Deen used the N sword many years ago. Where are our priorities? God help this country as we go to hell in a hand basket and all some people are worried about is that Paula Deen used the N word many years ago.

My response to their observations:

You are right my friend, but who gives a rats rump? I mean really. We have become so anesthetized to the duality of standards and the true prejudice of media in America, that most of the lemmings in America are only concerned with their own tiny little worlds of individual pleasure.

Aldous Huxley once wrote of a Brave New World where the classes were bred for thought and then told what to think. They were given "Soma" as their payment drug for obedience to the state. The Romans did the same thing two thousand years ago in gladiator arenas and called it sport.

I believe that this country arrived at their Brave New World during the Viet Nam era and we have been in steady decline ever since, compliments of a complicit media. The majority of people gladly belly up for their daily Soma fix of reality television and biased media reporting. They follow along and pay more attention to the goings on of Kanye West and Kim Kardasian than they do those behind the curtains actually pulling the levers on their measly little lives in their land of Oz.

Paula Deen is BIG NEWS! Oh my God! Someone said the unthinkable! Someone uttered the unspeakable! Someone committed a sin worthy of being worse than all ten of the original commandments combined. And not unlike blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, use of the N word is an unforgivable sin for any person not of color.

Perhaps Jesus misspoke when he recounted the two most important commandments to his disciples. Perhaps Jesus had not consulted the future and a place to be called America. A place where decadency would arise and give new meaning to blasphemy.

Or perhaps we as Americans simply assume that utterance of the N word by a non approved class is the most vile transgression, while at the same time we accept the same utterances from those paid handsomely to rhyme the vile and their bile to a hip hop beat.

Paula Deen is done for. No different than Anita Bryant or any of the others who have transgressed the boundaries of egalitarian secular humanism by utterance of words or thoughts that flow contrary to the script of egalitarian secular humanism. Either now or decades past, there is no forgiving of the wrong words by the wrong people.

In a society that prides itself on tolerance, we simply cannot tolerate the intolerable sufferings of those who are not members of the protected classes and their tolerable assaults on our reason and sensibilities. Welcome to a world where truth and justice, pride in individualism, accomplishment and personal freedoms are meaningless.

Welcome to a world where reason and common sense are turned a kilter and replaced with thought speak and a constant social vigilance aimed at annihilation of all haters, except for those allowed to hate via special governmental or judicial caveat.

I seriously often catch myself looking for a rabbit in a hat carrying a broken pocket watch and searching for a girl named Alice. Either that? Or I am waiting for the legions of brown shirts and crooked arm bands marching in lockstep to the one and only truth that is being settled constantly upon us all.

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